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Head City of the homonimous Department, Colón is a typical touristic city, since it keeps the peace of a small town with slight undulations and streets full of thick woods that contribute to make up a natural balcony by the Uruguay River, in Province. It is popularly known as "Ciudad Paraíso" (Paradise City) and offers all the facilities to relax and be amused immersed in beautiful landscapes worth being enjoyed.

Colón is located 295 km away from the provincial capital city and 320 km away from the Argentinian capital city. From the Province of Buenos Aires, you can get to this region of the country through Zárate Brazo Largo Bridge that links with National Route Nº12 and then with National Route Nº14 up to destination. From Uruguay, you can get through General Artigas International Bridge, that links Colón City with Paysandú City from the neighbouring country.

Colón has a climate from a temperate region of the pampa. The Summer maximum average temperatures are registered from November to March, 23ºC to 34ºC. The Winter is mild, with minimum temperatures of 10ºC and maximum temperatures of 19ºC.

Being the ideal place for sun lovers, it has beaches with slight sloping and isles with white sand that provide you with beautiful views and landscapes of the Uruguay River.
In this area, many fishing and water sport activities are practiced, being kayaking, rowing, windsurfing, sailing, water skiing and swimming the most popular.

Colón City is an important tourist destination because it is only 50 kilometers away from El Palmar National Park, created to preserve Syagrus Yatay Palm Trees in 8,500 hectares with streams of clear water, exuberant wild vegetation and colourful flocks. This area is ideal to go camping and watching animals that live in the park, such as viscachas, capybaras, foxes, partridges, American ostriches, skunks, armadilloes, alligators and milliards of birds as well as wild boars and axis stags.

Apart from al these attractions, Colón also has a Hot Springs Resort in the North of the city, next to the Golf Club, that has meso-thermal sodium bicarbonated waters (with sodium, chloride, potassium and phosphate), which reach 36ºC and are recommended as a therapy. They can be either drunk or used for bathing.

In the surroundings, you can go on water safaries using semirigid boats and visiting San Francisco and Hornos Isles- they have abundant autochthonous vegetation and fauna. You can also go on 3 and a half hour-safaries in four tracks that will take you to inhospitable and really interesting places like La Calera, Pueblo Liebig and Los Chivos Hill.

In the neighboring town of San José, you can also enjoy another hot springs resort and, on January and February, the Las Palmas Carnival at the corsódromo of San José.

Colón is known as the place that offers you a wide range of possibilites- you must discover them.

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