Concepción del Uruguay

Concepción del Uruguay Concepción del Uruguay - Photos: Jorge González
Situated on the right verge of Itapé brook (tributary of Uruguay River) in Cuenca del Plata, Concepción del Uruguay is a beautiful city in the province of that has varied environments to go on all types of adventures in woods, streams or coasts that have outlined it as an authentic touristic product.

Concepción has a template climate. The average temperature in the hottest month is 24ºC in Summer and the average temperature in the coldest month is 11ºC in Winter.

The main route to get to this city is Nº12 National Route that links with Nº14 National Route until destination.

It is a city with a rich historical-cultural tradition. The outstanding participation of men from Concepción del Uruguay in the construction of the Argentinean Nation in the XIX Century, helped its landscapes become a worthy setting to the far reaching events that made up the country.

It is popularly known as "Capital City of Entre Ríos Culture" or as the "Histórica" (Historical City) since it has eight historical monuments outstanding San José Palace which was the main residence of General Justo José de Urquiza -first Constitutional President of Argentina- today National Historical Museum.

On the verge of the river there are six beaches and isles that provide you with the chance of enjoying under the sun sports like water skiing, sailing, rowing, windsurfing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, swimming or fishing of dorado, pejerrey, surubí, pacú and armado.

From the city, you can go on excursions along Paysandú Costanera Avenue, to Parque Norte (Northern Park), Ricardo López Jordán Park where you can admire the isle of the birds, the grotto with the image of Ceferino Namuncurá or the artifitial lake respectively.

In January and February, on Saturdays, the Carnivals of Concepción del Uruguay come to life in the city providing the region with a range of attractive colours and where the whole family can enjoy in an inexpensive way the joy and rhythm of the music as well as the dancing bodies that make this celebration an unlosable event.

Recently inaugurated, the hot springs of Concepción have contributed a tourist attraction that lets visitors find a new excuse to come along to this wonderful destination.

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Concepción del Uruguay

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