San José

San José San José

The small City of San José is part of the tourist micro region known as Tierra de Palmares (Palm Tree Land) and it is the mandatory pass between the Cities of Colón and Villa Elisa, famous for its hot springs.

San José also has its own hot spring venue . As a result, this is the chosen destination for those who lodge at the City of Colón.

In the last few years and after the success of the water park, many settlers of San José have decided to establish their own tourist and cabin resorts, in addition to the already existing venues in the neighboring Cities of Colón, Villa Elisa, Liebig and Ubajay.

The city attractions boast sites that catch all visitors’ eyes, such as Forclaz Mill, Guillermo Gómez Cadret Natural Science Museum and the Historical Museum at Colonia San José.

Other sights include General Urquiza Square, Saint Joseph’s Parish and Bard liqueur brewery, one of the model institutions in the city, which has made it famous throughout the country.

For all these reasons and many more, this small city lying on the way to other destinations is worth a visit for all those crossing the palm tree land.

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San José

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