Tourism in Entre Ríos

Entre Ríos: Gualeguaychú beach (photo: Marcelo Sola)

Entre Ríos: Gualeguaychú beach (photo: Marcelo Sola)

No sooner is tourism in Entre Ríos Province mentioned than we immediately think about the Littoral of Argentina, the colors of its carnivals, the spectacular sizes of their fish (among which the dorado and the surubí stand out), its benevolent hot spring waters and its beaches packed with visitors in the summertime.

The point is that saying "Entre Ríos" is understanding that this prodigiously green land lies surrounded by the most important rivers in Argentina, namely: the Paraná and the Uruguay. Not only is this the ideal scene to enjoy recreational activities year round but it also features such a significant cultural and historical baggage that it ensures that visitors will find whatever they want in this territory.

Fishing, beaches, carnivals and -more recently- hot springs are the theme products that have contributed to making tourism in Entre Ríos highly popular when it comes to planning a trip to rest or have fun during a long weekend, a public holiday or the classic winter and summer vacations.

Cities like Gualeguaychú with its Carnivals and the beauty of its beaches, La Paz with its winding islands and giant dorados, Colón with El Palmar National Park and its lush whimsical thousand palm tres, quiet town-cities like Chajarí, Federación, Villa Elisa and Victoria invite visitors to extend their stay while tempting them with the relax guaranteed by the hot springs and the peace and security of its days and nights.

Paraná, capital of the province that launched the slogan "All your greens" and today has undoubtedly become "the most thermal province in Argentina", boasts all the charms of a big urban settlement combined with time for a nap and the customs of a small town, with its slow pace, its idioms and its timetables.

Modern Concordia delights visitors with its pass to Uruguay and Salto Grande Dam, its lake that will soon have "thermal shores" and its "zone" to catch and release the largest dorados in the world.

Historical Concepción del Uruguay and Gualeguay have been baptized "the historical" and today exploit new tourist attractions like fishing and hot springs to keep on summoning visitors.

For all these reasons, Entre Ríos continues to be the ideal destination for a stay with the entire family or just to enjoy a getaway any day of the year. The tourist services, along with the local cuisine and the accommodation options as great protagonists, always stand out. There is no excuse to miss a visit to Entre Ríos, "a different land", the province that has it all.

Featured Attractions

Entre Ríos hot springs

This treasure sprang up to the surface in the shape of freshwater, saline water or even seawater.

All the hot springs resorts in the Province of Entre Ríos are impeccable and they are trying to add more and more services and details every year in order to summon tourists from all over the country to come along and relax, rest and especially enjoy that vital liquid, so necessary for life: water.

Entre Ríos Carnivals

All around the Province of Entre Ríos, the different cities celebrate carnival with its traditional parades, floats and dancing.

Here, where the hot temperatures and the summer afternoons invite everyone to walk the streets, each group, comparsa or murga gets ready during the year and this is manifested in the streets of each city each Summer when frock coats, drums and colors emerge in different circumstances of everyday life.

Fishing in Entre Ríos

Entre Ríos is one of the provinces where angling has earned a well-deserved position in the annual angling agenda of our Argentina as a result of festivals, encounters, as well as national and provincial events.

Surrounded by rivers, creeks, ponds and marshlands, Entre Ríos enables angling to be one of the most widely practiced activities, mainly on the shores of the Paraná and Uruguay Rivers.

Entre Ríos map

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