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Located in the Southwest of , where Paraná River delta begins and 115 km away from the capital of the province, Victoria is the perfect combination of beautiful landscapes and the architecture of a city that dates back from colonial times. Known as "the city of ironwork", it has a very unusual ironwork handicraft heritage.

Victoria is settled on slight undulations and lines of hills resulting from the extension of the pampas which, being lower than 110 meters high, contribute to the division of the creeks that flow into the Paraná River. This is why its streets are straight but feature continuous slopes that show picturesque panoramic sights of the city. The streets layout includes four boulevards which contribute to the dynamism of the region. The architecture of Victoria is made up of low buildings raised in colonial or Italian style with plenty of ironwork dating back from 1930 that give evidence of the glorious local past.

The weather in this region is mild and humid. In summer, average temperatures reach 20ºC, and maximum temperatures record 33ºC. Winter is marked with average temperatures of 10ºC and frequent frost.
The location of the city offers various and amusing activities in its surroundings. Outstanding places include the bathing resorts on the majestic banks of the Paraná River. Canoeing, jet ski riding, motorboat riding, rowing, windsurfing, sailing, swimming and fishing are practiced here. As well, these spaces provide all the necessary facilities for camping. Victoria has a sport and commercial port that provides accurate ramps to get all kinds of boats into the water.

Another option is to enjoy adventure travel or ecological tourism at the Villa El Ceibo Tourist Resort- located one kilometer away from the city center- where there is a survival circuit in the forest. Likewise, tourist activities include horseback rides, sulky rides, gym lessons, city tours along the waterfront, visits to regional museums and historical places.

In Summer, from January onwards, the Provincial Carnival Festival takes place and some of the most traditional celebrations of carnival are held in Victoria. Visitors and paraders alike enjoy its music, its comparsas and its colors.

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