Fishing in Entre Ríos

Entre Ríos is one of the provinces where angling has earned a well-deserved position in the annual angling agenda of our Argentina as a result of festivals, encounters, as well as national and provincial events.

Surrounded by rivers, creeks, ponds and marshlands, Entre Ríos enables angling to be one of the most widely practiced activities, mainly on the shores of the Paraná and Uruguay Rivers.

Cities like Victoria, Paraná, Santa Elena and La Paz give life to the Paraná Corridor, while Federación, Concordia, Colón, Concepción del Uruguay, Gualeguaychú and Villa Paranacito lie on the Uruguay River. All of them are ideal fishing environments for those in search of the large dorados and surubíes treasured by these rivers. Excellent specimens of yellow catfish may also be found at Victoria.

As a result of the great fish reserve contained in Curuzú Chalí Island, the City of La Paz has been one of the greatest fisheries in Entre Ríos and the Argentinian Littoral for years, with its Dorado and Surubí Festivals, attended by anglers from all over Argentina and even neighboring countries.

On the Uruguay River, Colón, Concepción del Uruguay and Federación await anglers to show off bogas, silverside, dorados and some surubí, whereas on the Paraná area, Victoria, Paraná and Gualeguay turn out to be ideal for fishing dorados when the river is still high.

Fishing in Entre Ríos

The City of Concordia and fishing in the Salto Grande Dam deserve a special mention. The ?largest dorados in the world? are found here and today it is mandatory to practice the catch and release policy so as to guarantee that these emblematic pieces -including real monsters that weigh over twenty kilos- may be caught for years and by future angler generations.

For all these reasons, Entre Ríos means fishing year round. From North to South, in the rivers and lakes. Visitors just need to pack their rods and wait for the longed-for bite.

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