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Paraná is the Capital City of Province and is situated in the central west area of the province on the verge of Paraná River which has beautiful landscapes and natural excursions that combine with a rich historical, architectural and cultural patrimony that provides with an important touristic profile.

Paraná City offers varied chances of enjoing relaxing days in the surroundings - visiting beaches, parks and sites of interest. The climate is mild with an average temperature of 23ºC in Summer being 33ºC the maximum and 18ºC the minimum temperatures and, in Winter the average is 10ºC with maximum temperatures of 18ºC and minimum temperatures of 7ºC.

You can get to this beautiful city by plane arriving at General Urquiza Airport, 8 km away to the south of Paraná, or by car or bus through Nº9 Highway until Rosario City. Then, take Nº 173 National Route, cross Santa Fe City and then cross "Hernandarías Subfluvial Tunnel" that takes you to destination.

Paraná - meaning "Padre de las Aguas" (Father of Water) - has a geography presenting an undulating relief due to the river action that forms ravines which are more than 80 meters deep and coasts where you can enjoy water sports like windsurfing, water skiing, wake boarding, swimming, motorboat excursions or sport fishing.

The architecture of the city is the result of a combination of old big houses and modern buildings with up to date designs where you can observe different styles ranging from times of the colonization, the Confederación, the Liberalism, Señorial and Rationalism to the Modern Movement.

A city tour involves visiting the Costanera Avenue, the Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Civic Center, the Post Office, the Spanish Society and the "3 de Febrero" Museum. An unlosable visit is the one to Urquiza Park, 44 hectares on Paraná ravines with old flight of steps among waterfalls, springs, fountains, playgrounds and numerous monuments and sculptures that make up a colorful frame with floral scents and the brown river as backdrop.

Other activities that you must not miss include visiting the German Colonies from the Volga that settled at the beginning of the XX Century or visiting villages that are nearby such as Urquiza, Hernandarias and Piedras Blancas where you can enjoy fourtrax excursions , horse riding, mountain bike rides, trekking, fishing, sailing or agrotourism.

Among the nearby tourist attractions, Paraná also features the María Grande hot springs and, in Summertime, on Saturdays, the Carnival of Hasenkamp in the neighboring town.

Paraná is a place to enjoy nature with the whole family.

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