Gualeguaychú The Gualeguaychú Carnival
Situated in , Gualeguaychú is one of the nicest cities in the region known as the Littoral. Ideal for a well-deserved rest at any time of the year, this is an environment teeming with quietness, safety and beauty with a mild Uruguay River that offers tourists the most varied alternatives.

Gualeguaychú features an attractive coastline and its relief presents typical green hills ending at the Gualeguaychú River, and a wonderful bathing resort called Ñandubaysal. But it was not this that made this fantastic city so famous, but the prodigious nature of the area and its famous Gualeguaychu Carnival, considered the best in Argentina.

The climate in the region is temperate, typical of the pampas, with an average temperature of 18º C. Maximums hit 32º C in the summer and minimums drop to 5º C during the winter season.

Gualeguaychú may be accessed from various points in the country by bus and by car following National Routes 12, 14 and 136. From Uruguay, the city is reached through Libertador San Martín International Bridge, which joins the city with the District of Fray Bentos in the neighboring country.
Among the main attractions in the city, its Gualeguaychú Carnivals held every summer stand out. In January and February, the "Carnival of the Country" is celebrated for visitors to appreciate parades with comparsas, choreographies and the architecture of its floats, with the beautiful women who dance around in the colossal Sambódromo.

Visitors to Gualeguaychú are delighted by its multiple bathing resorts, the local port and Unzué Park, which shows off a leafy and varied vegetation. All these sites are ideal to practice nautical sports, fishing and amusing tours outdoors, such as hiking. Only minutes away from the city of Gualeguaychú, stand two renowned hot springs resorts: Gualeguaychú Hot Springs and Guaychú Hot Springs.

A city tour is perfect to get familiar with Gualeguaychú and its people. San Martín Square, Urquiza Square and Saint Joseph’s Cathedral are some of the cultural sights tourists should not miss, as well as the Maganasco Institute Museum, the Railway Museum, Andrade House and Fray Mocho House.

In spite of having had repercussions in the media lately, this beautiful city preserves the calm and quietness of the inland territories intact. Therefore, it is willing to show visitors everything it has: a natural environment second to none.

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