Pueblos del Sur

The moon overlooking the river (foto: Jorge González)The moon overlooking the river (foto: Jorge González)

The micro-region known as Pueblos del Sur (Southern Towns) includes the southern districts of Entre Ríos, where the Paraná and Uruguay Rivers begin to come remarkably closer before they join. Lakes, creeks and brooks give origin to real wetlands ideal for angling.

The City of Gualeguaychú, on the shores of the Uruguay, is the access to the entire region also made up by Gualeguay and other districts.

Tours and Activities

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Carnival behind the Scenes

Every year in Gualeguaychú, January and February become synonyms for the longest-awaited carnival in the country. The celebration begins long before, with all the arrangements.

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City tour around Gualeguay

With its colorful, crowded carnival festivals and its numerous tourist activities around the river, the City of Gualeguay, increasingly visited by travelers, still preserves the typical peaceful aura of a provincial town.

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The Mate Yard

We visited the Patio del Mate and learnt the special secrets of this indigenous infusion. See how it is made and how to brew good and delicious mates.

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Gualeguaychú hot springs

Inside a beautiful green lawn and only five minutes away from the city of Gualeguaychú, stands this novel hot spring resort awaiting visitors to provide them all the comfort and services necessary...

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Visit to Guaychú Hot Springs

They are the new attraction in the City of Gualeguaychú and they lie just 8 kilometers from the city.

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Las Piedras Provincial Reserve

An interpretative walk across the Las Piedras Provincial Reserve let us see the local flora and fauna. Attentively, we went about this balanced ecosystem in Entre Ríos.

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Visit to Nuevo Pueblo Belgrano

This new site is gradually summoning hundreds of families coming from Buenos Aires and other locations in the littoral area on weekends. A unique spot, minutes away from Gualeguaychú.

Photo gallery

Photos (1): Jorge González
Photos (2): Pablo Etchevers