Carnival behind the Scenes

Location: Corsódromo de Gualeguaychú, Piccini y Ayacucho
Date: From 01/06/2018 - Thru 02/24/2018

Every comparsa organizes their presentations, their crew and costumes long before the opening night. They are all convinced they will catch the audience’s attention, as well as the jury’s, who will make the decision to choose the most spectacular show.

For a long time, the Gualeguaychú Carnival has been eagerly awaited by a huge audience that cheers up each presentation at the famous Corsódromo. Choreographies with plenty of rhythm and catchy music, splendid outfits, gorgeous ladies boasting their bodies ornamented with feathers, glitter and make up a presentation second to none.

The organizing committee of this attraction that has existed ever since 1979 is made up by several entities which present the contestants who will receive awards for their creativity, performance and permanence.

During the days before Carnival, we paid a visit to the workshops where one of the comparsas was getting ready to present their show. Amid the constant hustle and bustle, a small crowd was carrying out the last cosmetic and apparel touches. We were welcomed by the people in charge and saw nothing was improvised. Seamstresses, dancing instructors, costumers and float experts took part in each detail of the arrangements.

  • Several hours before the debut

    Several hours before the debut

  • Makeup, combing

    Makeup, combing

  • They leave the soul and personal time

    They leave the soul and personal time

  • Costumers and carrocistas

    Costumers and carrocistas

  • Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes

Everything starts ten months before the corsos, when the themes, the musical and choreography elements that will accompany the original idea are chosen. The members of the teams put effort and time into this enterprise during this period.

The fantasy costumes, the backpack collar frames and headpieces are waiting around the room for those who will wear them in a few hours. Laid out according to float, they featured pheasant, peacock and Amazon feathers. Multicolor gems and sequins impressed us with their luxury and gaudiness. Supervisors are in charge of controlling all details to avoid any inconvenience.

Several hours before the debut, each dancer comes along to be made up, to have their hair done and have their outfit and shoes checked. There is a joyful atmosphere in which they rehearse their steps and warm up before the lights are on and the Carnival becomes real.

We left the workshop and moved towards the Corsódromo to make ourselves comfortable soon enough. At 10pm, all lights went on and everything was ready for the show to begin. The parade was incredible and everyone became infected with joy. The paraders burst with charm. Wearing tiny outfits, they dazzled the audience with their art as the batucada was struck on percussion instruments with a catchy well-marked rhythm. Singing, dancing, skill and sensuality contributed to each presentation.

The celebration of this popular festival dates back to the Pagan rites and feasts held in Egypt and during the Roman Saturnalia. Gualeguaychú is the most experienced destination in the country as far as these kinds of presentations and pompous staging are concerned. Applause and jubilation invaded the audience as the floats passed by. In the meantime, our body and soul became impregnated with that vertiginous rhythm. We danced along and felt we were part of the best show ever in the open air.

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How to get hereHow to get here: Gualeguaychú is accessed through National Routes 12, 14 and 136. General San Martín Bridge joins the city with Fray Bentos in Uruguay.
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