Visit to Nuevo Pueblo Belgrano

This new site is gradually summoning hundreds of families coming from Buenos Aires and other locations in the littoral area on weekends. A unique spot, minutes away from Gualeguaychú.

A few kilometers away from the City of Gualeguaychú, and past an interesting land development area close to the Uruguay River -in the hot springs zone- there appears what has come to be known as Nuevo Pueblo Belgrano.

This is the mandatory access to the famous campsite called Ñandubaysal. This small but cozy site is becoming well-known for its quiet streets and the great deal of cabin and apartment resorts that have been settled down in the last few years.

Beyond the peace of the countryside, its swimming-pools (both outdoors and heated) are perfect to spend the day. This is an ideal site for the entire family, especially when there are children.

  • Minutes away from Gualeguaychú

    Minutes away from Gualeguaychú

  • The Municipality

    The Municipality

  • Its weekend villas

    Its weekend villas

  • Close to the Uruguay River

    Close to the Uruguay River

To reach this location from Gualeguaychú, travelers must take the provincial road leading to the famed swim hole -Ñandubaysal- which goes across an iron bridge that separates the city from Unzué Park. A few kilometers ahead, the first houses of Nuevo Pueblo Belgrano are spotted.

Divided by Provincial Route 42, this new tourist village is the base camp for all the activities that may be carried out in the area: fishing, beaches, adventure, hiking, cycling and the like.

The small town called Pueblo Belgrano guarantees the necessary quietness to make a stop and forget everything. Its shady streets, its main square and its weekend villas (though many people have already resolved to settle down there) turn this into an ideal site to enjoy year round.

Termas del Gualeguaychú, whose mineralized waters lure various generations throughout the year lie nearby. Visitors to this venue search to make use of the medicinal qualities of these waters or just to rest.

Minutes away lies another green lung. Over 120 hectares of green shades and a wide array of activities are found very attractive. This venue makes the denizens of Gualeguaychú feel really proud and it is called Unzué Park. Wonderful for all generations.

For all these reasons, Nuevo Pueblo Belgrano is a place to consider and to visit with the family.

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