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A tourist destination like no other, its history can raise the interest of all those who see this place for the first time. Colón is one of the most beautiful cities ever. Its people, its corners and its past make it unique.

Unlike most towns in the provinces, Colón has two main squares, though only one of them is officially called “the main square”. One was named “Washington” and the other one “San Martín”, as a tribute to the great liberator.

Two Squares, the Same Azaleas

Historical buildings, such as the local church, the town hall, the civil registry, the justice of the peace court and some schools, among other typical public institutions, lie around the first square.

San Martín Square, which stands only a few blocks away from the river, displays the famous Plaza Hotel, as well as other hotels that show off their ancient façades kept practically untouched since the time they were built.

  • A tourist destination like no other

    A tourist destination like no other

  • Secretary of tourism

    Secretary of tourism

  • Church of Saints Justo and Pastor

    Church of Saints Justo and Pastor

  • Municipality


  • Banco de la Nación Argentina

    Banco de la Nación Argentina

  • San Martín square

    San Martín square

  • Washington square

    Washington square

In both of them, the pink, red and white azaleas contribute with their colors, which highlight the typical buildings. The Italian style may be also observed in the façades of the houses located on San Martín, 3 de Febrero and Belgrano Streets, which used to be the places where horses and carriages stopped for a rest.

On the corner of 12 de Abril and Paso Streets, lies the “Casona”. At present, it is owned by the municipality of Colón. According to the engraving lying on the well located in the central yard of the property, it was built in 1868. General Urquiza stayed there when he was governor. Today, it lodges the city’s handicrafts center.

Every town has its bank and, in this case, the Banco Nación, which generally lies on the main square, is located on the famous San Martín Avenue and was inaugurated in 1914. However, the first branch of this bank was created in 1892 and settled in the house that used to belong to doña Zunilda Rolin de Lascano. Afterwards, the bank occupied the famous Casona until it was moved to its present venue.

Appropriate by Mistake

All the buildings located in the provinces where the branches of Banco de la Nación Argentina work have only one storey. It is said that the two stories of the bank venue located in Colón were the result of a mistake made by the bank authorities who sent the plans for the construction of a bank in Colón, Buenos Aires to the city of Colón, Entre Ríos.

The “Fiat Lux” Popular Library, whose name means “let there be light”, is another typical building in this beautiful city. Even if the building was inaugurated in 1943, it is known that the history of this institution dates back to 1876, when the settlers began to gather up books to create the first library in the city.

Even if it was moved from one place to another before being established in its present venue, the truth is that the library turned into one of the most respected institutions in town. Along with the Centenario Theater, inaugurated in 1925, they managed to catch the attention of the first settlers, thus providing them a cultural platform to see what was happening in other places.

Walking around Colón is a kind of pleasure available for all visitors. Its old stores, its typical houses with front or inner yards, its bicycles and now its motorcycles, its mate and its cell phones. But above all things, its giant blooming lapachos turn this city into one of the most beautiful destinations, not only in the Province of Entre Ríos, but in the entire littoral area.

Maybe due to these details, we could assert that there was no mistake with the bank plans. The two-storey building was appropriate for this beautiful city. Whoever sent the plans to the wrong address must have known the city of Colón in Entre Ríos really well. Their mistake was in fact an act of justice, even if this was never confirmed by the authorities of the most famous Argentinian bank.

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Bear in mindBear in mind: The local Tourist Office, which operates within the historical shell of the Old Port, provides visitors with maps, brochures and information. Located in one of the oldest and most picturesque buildings in the city, visiting it is a must.


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