Colón Hot Springs

The City of Colón offers a surprising hot springs resort, ideal to relax and rest while enjoying the sunshine and a matchless view of the Uruguay River.

Deep Waters

In 1996, the coveted hot waters searched by experts for long years sprang into the surface. For months, a high technology team worked to get to 1,500 meters of depth, where the waters ran. The hard undertaking went through 200-million-year-old rocks until the correct layer was reached.

Located in the surroundings of the local golf course and with an excellent panoramic sight of the Uruguay River and its white sands, not only have Colón hot springs managed to become part of this tourist destination for visitors, but they have also become part of the common sense of the local inhabitants. Many neighbors have transformed these beautiful hot springs into a meeting point for daily encounters.

Pools for All Tastes

  • Spectacular slides

    Spectacular slides

  • Outdoor pools

    Outdoor pools

  • Pools for All Tastes

    Pools for All Tastes

  • Indoor pools

    Indoor pools

  • Pools with pressurized water spurts and showers

    Pools with pressurized water spurts and showers

  • Therapeutics


  • Is located within the urban shell

    Is located within the urban shell

Today, the Colón Hot Springs Resort has ten pools with waters reaching 36 degrees centigrade. Four of these pools are undercover, which enables visitors to enjoy them at any time of the day and the year.
Pools with pressurized water spurts and showers are part of this resort, which also includes shallow pools for children controlled by dozens of lifeguards.

There are also outdoor pools surrounded by deck chairs and umbrellas that look delicious in the dusk, especially in the spring and the summer, when the lights of the resort begin to be lit and visitors may enjoy an outdoor bath as they watch the moon come out or the sun set. A must.

H2O’s Therapeutic Properties

According to the technical studies carried out, the hot spring waters flowing here are therapeutic and generate certain stimuli that improve the performance of our body and also revitalize all its cells. They contribute to relax and make our minds feel better.

Ever since they were discovered, the beautiful City of Colón has managed to create a harmonious micro climate where all the tourist attractions are joined to the revitalizing presence of these hot spring waters.

Nature, fishing, tours, golf, recreation and even daily routines at this small but historical city now have an ideal supplement which had not been discovered in the past. Because, as the new but soon famous saying from Entre Ríos goes: “a good hot spring bath is the most important thing one can have”. And Colón has plenty of them to offer.

To learn about the hot springs open hours or rates for 2017 season, please contact:

Colón Hot Springs
3 de Febrero St. and the River
Phone: (03447) 42-4717 - e-mail

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Termas de Colón

Batalla de Cepeda 100 (3280) Colón, Entre Ríos

Tel: +54 3447-428207

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Av. Costanera y Gouchón (3280) Colón, Entre Ríos

Tel: +54 3447-421233

Bear in mindBear in mind: The Colón Hot Springs Resort is located within the urban shell and on the local waterfront, which makes it easily accessible both for visitors and locals.


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