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Victoria Casino

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Victoria Casino

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What would your ideal city be like? It should have history and tradition. It should have too much nature and too many women. It should be reached through a bridge and have a casino in the best Vegas style. That is exactly what Victoria is like.

Victoria Casino - Victoria, Entre Ríos

Who would have thought that this peaceful and simple town in the Entre Ríos countryside would become one of the most booming and phenomenal cities in our country overnight?

Much More Than a Bridge

Its growth began years ago, with the construction of the highway bridge which joins the city with Rosario (Santa Fe). Victoria turned into the destination chosen by visitors from the other side of the Paraná River to offer them its nature and its outdoor life. As the bridge began to have sustained traffic, new ideas and undertakings came to town.

One of them was a beautiful casino: Sol Victoria, a magnificent hotel resort. In addition to this beautiful project, there were also other hotels, restaurants and services nobody had ever dared to think about before.

Victoria Casino - Victoria, Entre Ríos

Plenty of Reasons

Victoria has a perfect duality. On the one hand, it has the traditional seasoning of all countryside villages, where certain codes and experiences are still alive among its dwellers. From local fishermen who prepare their boats and nets, to modern youths who, holding a cell phone in one hand and the mate in the other, fill with color and sound the endless local riverfront. And from the local women who walk long blocks to gossip, to hundreds of children who play in the square opposite the old water intake crib, one of the most photographed icons in the city.

Nature and Amusement

These days of slow motion were changed with the arrival of the casino, which brought along a kind of vertigo and adrenaline displayed in various areas of the city at certain times of the day and the night.

Victoria Casino - Victoria, Entre Ríos

The lights, the giant screens, the majestic architecture of the Sol Victoria hotel, in addition to the Las Vegas style marked by its palm trees, its arches and its swimming pools are the first things to catch the eyes of the tourist who used to know a different Victoria.
Today, there are 8 electronic roulettes, 16 traditional roulettes, 2 black jack tables, 2 poker tables, 3 baccarat tables and hundreds of slot machines providing amusement and hope 24 hours a day.

Located on one of the seven hills of this city, the casino offers an incredible panoramic view of the Paraná River, its islands and the famous bridge that joins the city with Rosario.

A place for entertainment and shows worth visiting, where artists and audiences meet everyday so that visitors may win their “victory”.

Victoria Casino - Victoria, Entre Ríos


Hotel & Casino Sol Victoria

Mastrangelo s/n, (3153) , Victoria, Entre Ríos
Tel: +54 3436-424040
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Useful Data

Bear in mind

The Sol Victoria Hotel has 78 rooms, 12 of which are senior suites and one is a premium suite. The casino may be accessed from any of the rooms. Reservations must be made in advance as the resort has many guests from Rosario and Paraná, as well as from Buenos Aires.


Hotel & Casino Sol Victoria

Mastrangelo s/n
Entre Ríos
Tel: +54 3436-424040

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