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Victoria Hot Springs

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Victoria Hot Springs

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In addition to the delightful scenes of Victoria and its traditional Carnival, this location shows off its hot springs, accessible at the venue called Parque Acuático Termal Victoria del Agua.

Hot Springs in Victoria, Entre Ríos

Ever since the construction of the bridge that joins it with Rosario, the City of Victoria in Entre Ríos has experienced a remarkable growth thanks both to its local denizens and the tourists that visit it year round. In the last few years, a new product has been incorporated to its natural attractions, namely: Parque Acuático Termal Victoria del Agua.

Today, the hot springs are a synonym for the Province of Entre Ríos and in Victoria they represent a proposal that will organize the investments that have been made in the area lately. Ever since these waters emerged to the surface of the “City of Iron Bars”, the number of visitors increased remarkably on the weekends.

The temperature of these waters ranges between 41º and 42ºC, with pools that lower their temperatures and make them pleasant to human contact, just like in all the other hot spring resorts in Entre Ríos at present.

The added value of these hot springs, besides the mineral properties of the waters, is the architectural criterion chosen for its pools. In addition to the typical pools, natural ponds, lakes and a small slow river used to rest have also been incorporated to the venue.

Specially designed to be enjoyed with the family or your significant other, this hot spring resort features a wide range of services, among which gastronomic, accommodation, services and recreational offers stand out. All this in a city that is becoming prettier and prettier every day.

Hot Springs in Victoria, Entre Ríos

To learn about the hot springs open hours or rates for 2017 season, please contact:

Victoria del Agua Hot Springs
Route 11 Km 119,5
Phone: (03436) 42-6205 - e-mail

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Termas Victoria del Agua

Ruta 11 - km 119, 5, (3153) , Victoria, Entre Ríos
Tel: +54 3436-426205
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Termas Victoria del Agua

Ruta 11 - km 119, 5
Entre Ríos
Tel: +54 3436-426205

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