Mina Clavero (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)Mina Clavero (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)

Not only does the Region of Traslasierra, in Córdoba, welcome the classic tourists that visit the province every year but also a great deal of young people who have chosen this location to settle down and make progress.

The already famed Cities of Villa Cura Brochero, Nono and Mina Clavero, as well as others that have started to become well-known, such as El Cóndor, Bosque Alegre, La Pampilla, Las Rabonas and Los Hornillos, turned out to be ideal for this purpose.

Magnificent mountain ranges, humid and arid valleys are ideal for recreational activites like hang-gliding and paragliding. In addition, hiking circuits lead visitors around the most unexpected nooks of this treasure of Córdoba. Quebrada del Condorito National Park is undoubtedly the gem of this micro-region.

Tours and Activities

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La Viña Dam

25 kilometers from the City of Nono is La Viña Dam, a magnificent engineering work which astonishes visitors by its astounding dimension.

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Water, the Crux of Life at Mina Clavero

Mina Clavero has the fortune of counting with several waterways that cross the city as well as its surroundings. They are part of its life and that of those who reach this nook to be comforted by its freshness.

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The Craftsmen’s Road

Craftsmen’s Road is the name of a group of people who have chosen craftsmanship as a lifestyle. Black clay ceramic crafts and loom knitting items are the main handcrafted goods found in this area...

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The Rocsen Museum

5 kilometers away from Nono you will have the chance of visiting special Rocsen Museum which shows 18,000 pieces belonging to all disciplines in a piece of land of 1530 m².

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A Tour around Villa Cura Brochero

This wonderful district in Córdoba is the perfect starting point for the most interesting and magical sensations in the area of Traslasierra.

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Everyday Life of a Mystical Town

Villa Cura Brochero is a town to arrive and stay. With a quiet environment and microclimate, this town invites visitors to stroll around its streets and enjoy every river resort along the Panaholma River.

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