Water, the Crux of Life at Mina Clavero

We toured around its streets, noticed good mood among its denizens and became infected with the joy of enjoying the beaches and typical recreation spots of a mountain village in Córdoba.

Upon reaching Mina Clavero, we went for a walk around the town center, its streets and the mountain range spirit. We started at the new San Martín Square, a synthesis of the real identity of this town that pays tribute to water.

Featuring a triangular shape and situated in the old area of the city, the square has canals along which the water flows constantly. Either from various footbridges at ground level or from the heights, this is seen as a recreation space second to none built with technology and design. Various water planes, rocks and cascades reveal the integration of man and nature. Each nook is reminiscent of the local natural sceneries, like its beaches, reservoirs or the condor nests.

The square has been renovated by local specialists in order to appeal to the memory and the dreams of the local inhabitants. We realized that the city is joyful, enthusiastic about its undertakings and that it encourages visitors to tour around the area with the same spirit.

  • The waters run crystal-clear

    The waters run crystal-clear

  • The square has canals

    The square has canals

  • The mountain range spirit

    The mountain range spirit

  • Around the commercial area

    Around the commercial area

  • Waterfalls and whirlpools

    Waterfalls and whirlpools

We left the square behind in order to visit the beaches and the waterfront on the Mina Clavero River, where the waters run crystal-clear on a sandy bed scattered with some rock here and there. It was a very hot day and it was difficult to find a spot amidst the crowd.

At the beaches called Nido del Águila and La Residencia Serrana, the Mina Clavero River runs between steep walls. The sandy beaches in the town center are very popular among the young people. The municipal beach has a large pool and is located in the very core of the city, close to everything. Likewise, the Panaholma and Los Sauces Rivers offer a sequence of very popular swim resorts.

At every spot, the rocks are part of the scenery and, in some cases, they are a reason to have fun. One example is La Toma swim resort, in the outskirts of the city, where the natural formations resemble a slide used by grown-ups and children alike to dive into the waters.

When it was time to have a meal, San Martín, Mitre and Olmos Streets entertained us with their splendid restaurants, pizza restaurants and takeouts. The inhabitants of Córdoba are specialists in grilling goat and serving it at the various steak houses. It goes without saying that we tasted this dish at several venues and we still cannot decide which one was the best.

While walking along the main street, we could find out about outings to the mountain range and take advantage of that very particular local energy that invites visitors to enjoy several activities. The city is very well prepared with guides specialized in hiking, silverside and trout fishing, rappelling and many other sports.

Sun Tightened Skin Finds Relief at Night

After a shiny hot day, the night fell fresh, as usually in this area. Ready to go out for dinner, we went around the commercial area. San Martín Pedestrian Street was lightened up, showing off attractive regional items, pubs and coffee houses. The lights glowed on the river and led us to the casino with its classic games of chance. Music and dancing were also present: discos for the youth and live shows for the middle-aged.

As we went from one place to another, we noticed the quietness and safety offered by Mina Clavero. Bicycles are the most popular vehicles when the weather is mild and they all wait for their owners at the front of some supermarket or anywhere without getting stolen.

There was still something else to surprise us. As we arrived in the Mitre Avenue bridge over the river towards Cura Brochero, we saw the three rivers joining at a spot where there are huge rocks. The Panaholma, Los Sauces and Mina Clavero Rivers go through a deep bed with very close banks and give shape to an impressive set known as Los Cañadones (The Ravines).

From the heights, we could see Los Sauces River flowing fast among the sharp rocks that gave shape to waterfalls and whirlpools. The waters roared and the sound was heard once and again down there, at that gloomy spot. We compared it to the Grand Canyon, but at a small scale. A rocky feature fractured thousands of years ago whatever the reason.

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