Marcos Juárez

Marcos Juárez Marcos Juárez

Marcos Juárez lies on the east of the Province of Córdoba, 250 kilometers away from the capital. Its proximity to the City of Santa Fe enables the town to experience a sustained economical growth based on agricultural exploitation and agricultural industry.

On October 19, 1887, the Provincial Executive Branch of Government named the settlement that had developed there Marcos Juárez, and Nicolás Tiscornia was appointed first mayor.

Ideal to enjoy rural life, the city features various venues in the surroundings, including country houses and lodges. Educational farms and fields open to visitors, along with the possibility to stay at an estancia in Córdoba and experience the daily tasks carried out by the staff, are experiences available at Marcos Juárez today.

Visiting nearby cities such as Leones, where every year the Wheat National Festival is held, or Bell Ville, another usual outing for local denizens, enables everyone to see various sites where the rural atmosphere, tradition and the lifestyle of Córdoba become part of the local common sense.

Marcos Juárez is a city that has everything for its inhabitants and much to offer visitors, no matter whether they chose to pass by or stay during a relaxing holiday. A typical rural city in Córdoba.

Marcos Juárez

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