Río Cuarto

Río Cuarto Río Cuarto

Río Cuarto is the second most important city in the Province of Córdoba, after the capital, and it lies on the banks of the Cuarto River. Located in the southwest of the province, it stands out for its wide array of shops and services of al kinds. Its economic activities revolve around agriculture and livestock.

Known as La Imperial or "The Empire", Río Cuarto achieved such a significant growth during the last few centuries that in several opportunities it was promoted by different governors to become the new capital city.

As far as tourism is concerned, Río Cuarto boasts a wide array of cinemas, theme museums, cultural centers and independent theaters ideal to see a new play every weekend. In addition to all this, a Bohemian atmosphere seduces those who enjoy social gatherings and long nights at the coffee-shops, restaurants and pubs in the city.

A city tour allows everyone to appreciate the various points of encounter in the city: the main square, the Church Cathedral and the Town Hall, as well as Saint Francis Church, Trapalanda Theater, the Municipal Theater or the Old Market, today housing a cultural center. A little farther ahead lies the local car racing track, one of the attractions both the locals and car racing enthusiasts take pride in.

Museums for all tastes include a regional museum, an aerospace museum and a railway museum. They all succeed in showing different moments in the city and the life of men.

Río Cuarto is a large city with sustainable growth that makes all visitors fall in love with it.

Río Cuarto

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