Tanti Tanti

Tanti is a small village in Córdoba Province, in the mountain range lying on the shores of the creek known as Tanti or Mojarras, one of the main tributaries to Lake San Roque, the large water body in Villa Carlos Paz. Located in the District of Punilla, Tanti lies 865 meters MSL just half an hour away from the City of Córdoba. Only 50 kilometers stand between them.

Its fascinating geographical features include mountains, hills, ravines and valleys boasting spectacular views of creeks, cascades and caves. Thus, this is one of the tourist destinations that have experienced quite a significant growth in the last few decades.

Cabins, hotels, inns, apartments and temporary rent houses have multiplied in the last few years, along with the emergence of new agencies offering alternative outings and the chance to experience hiking, trout fishing, rowing and canoeing excursions, rappelling and even wildlife mapping.

The cuisine of Tanti perfectly conjugates the traditional elements of the gastronomy of Córdoba and the new signature undertakings. Lamb and goat cooked on the stick or in the oven are the favorite choices among visitors. These preferences reach their maximum expression in February, when the Mountain Range Lamb Festival is attended by thousands of people.

During the high season, the handicrafts market is another interesting site to visit, just like the historical shell, where the faithful are lured by various churches and chapels such as Our Lady of the Rosary, the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, the cross of Fatima and Saint Cajetan’s Grotto.

Various swim holes lie all along Tanti Creek and become the great protagonists of the summer. Some of them include Piedra Profunda, El Diquecito, La Isla, El Remanso, La Olla, and Los Árboles, which get crowded with people who wish to enjoy the fresh waters, drink mate, make new friends or else catch some trout at dusk, when there are practically no swimmers.

Los Gigantes, a massif of granite rock with countless steep summits is another adventure option for tourists in the surroundings of Tanti, especially for those who enjoy rock climbing, paragliding or mountaineering.


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