La Falda

La Falda La Falda - Photos: Pablo Etchevers

The well known tourist center of La Falda is 81 km away from the International Airport of Córdoba, situated in the slopes of Sierras Chicas on El Cuadrado Hill at 934 meters above sea level. There are sublime mountain landscapes and it borders on Hermoso Valley to the south and on Huerta Grande to the north.

The relief of this region shows an irregular land full of hills and has a splendid micro climate that is ideal for outdoor activities. The tourist will enjoy the beach as well as go on adventure tourism activities. La Falda Dam provides one with the ideal place to practise sport fishing or water sports such as windsurfing, water skiing or jet skiiing.

La Falda city owns attractive views or excursions like the Saint Church of the Sacrament from where one can contemplate the whole imposing region. La Falda has an important infrastructure of hotels and restaurants that provides tourists with tranquility, peace and hospitality inviting them to go on endless tours.

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