Villa Berna

Villa Berna Villa Berna

The quiet population of Villa Berna is a continuation of its adjacent cities, namely: Villa General Belgrano and La Cumbrecita. They are all immersed in the most extensive river basin in Córdoba. It lies 110 kilometers away from the City of Córdoba and the soft undulations that make up its mountain ranges are part of everyday life.

A typical feature of this small village in Córdoba is its serenity. It may be chosen to stay for several days and go around its charming nooks, or else, it may also be the starting point for a tour around the Calamuchita Valley in order to admire its many natural beauties. Everything lies nearby and this circuit is a must.

Two rivers provide freshness to the warm mountain summers: Del Medio and Los Reartes. Likewise, the shade of the local woods is produced by species such as oaks and maples which, in addition to providing shelter, turn out to be deeply eye-catching in the summer with its incredible reddish hues.

These two crystal-clear waterways, lined by stunted vegetation, come down from the highest summits. They are quite shallow, except for some pool or during the flooding that follows the rain season. Its beaches made of thick sand are ideal for children to play safely, always watched by grown-ups.

The proximity of Los Molinos Da mis an invitation to a fishing outing. Other nearby swim holes are located in Villa Los Reartes and Intiyaco. Its most remarkable neighbors are La Cumbrecita, with its famous alpine houses, its cascades and springs, and traditional Villa General Belgrano, with its glamorous festivals, its European cuisine and a dizzying pace year round.

Amid talas and molles, the Swiss style of its original denizens has been portrayed in its accommodation venues, cabins, camping site and regional gastronomy.

While visiting Villa Berna, travelers may behold the scenery from behind the glasses of one of its cabins or else take part in many of the activities in the area, such as hiking, horseback riding and 4WD outings. In all the cases, visitors just need to be aware of how much the local dwellers take care of the environment and act accordingly.

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