Córdoba City

Córdoba City (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)Córdoba City (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)

Bearing the same feature as all big metropolis and capital of the province, the City of Córdoba boasts a very complete collection of evident and not so evident secrets for tourists to discover during their stay.

Visitors will discover the city has its own codes and customs, various neighborhoods and the lifestyle typical of Córdoba, where there is a particular accent and sacred words like fernet, cuarteto, la Mona, Rodrigo, Talleres, Belgrano, la Gloria, Racing and many others that hide more than one meaning when pronounced.

Delighful public squares, unexpected museums and a historical shell that takes us back to the opulent days of ostentation present even today in the rich cultural life and the education of denizens of the City of Córdoba. We just need to order a "90210" at a local pub or coffee house in order to become part of this joyful lifestyle.

Tours and Activities

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A Center with its Very Own History

An intense guided tour of a few blocks bring the colonial origin and history of Córdoba back to life.

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Visit to the Cathedral Belfry in Córdoba

A different circuit that unveils the Cathedral of Córdoba and its surroundings from a new perspective. We visited the belfry and made the historical bells toll.

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Archeological Córdoba

A virtual visit to the Cordoba Antropology Museum brings us near the stories and special features of the legendary peoples that dwelled the country

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Córdoba: City Tour on Wheels

A typical London bus tours around the city and allows visitors to see how people from Cordoba have valued their history and how they have made it coexist with its dynamic current life.

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A Place in the Mountain Range

We visited the Camino Real Inn, a magical place in the core of the Córdoba mountain range, ideal to enjoy the charm of history and the surrounding beauty.

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Emilio Caraffa Fine Arts Provincial Museum

In a modern and spacious building re-inaugurated a few years ago, the Emilio Caraffa Art Museum enhances the perspective to see and understand plastic arts and all their ways.

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Sarmiento Park

Sarmiento Park is the largest green space in the city and offers many tours to do. It shelters several institutions such as the Natural Science Museum, the Zoo and Caraffa Art Museum.

Photo gallery

Photos (1): Eduardo Epifanio ( eduardoe@interpatagonia.com )