San Marcos Sierras

San Marcos Sierras San Marcos Sierras

There is no doubt that San Marcos Sierras is the hippiest city in Argentina today. By walking along its streets and going around the main square, visitors will understand that the local denizens have traveled around Latin America and settled down this small town to commemorate this culture everyday.

With few cars, much walking and cycling, few cell phones and plenty of mate with local herbs, San Marcos Sierras may be enjoyed year round. Various creeks and rivers make up an ideal environment to visit in the summertime, when the area gets crowded with people and the nightlife brings life to the village.

A visit to this town is a journey into the hippy movement, which invaded the world with its codes, clothes and a very particular life policy. All this was recycled at this village in Córdoba, located between Capilla del Monte and Cruz del Eje, deep into the local geography.

Featuring countless sites to buy handicrafts, have a meal or get lodging based on healthy life and non-pollution and boasting the first hippie museum in Argentina, as advertised by its creators, San Marcos Sierras is considered a way to traveling back in time to the best of the 1960s and 1970s. And they are not wrong. There is no other town like that in the entire country.

Map San Marcos Sierras

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