Anisacate Anisacate

Faithful referent of the mountain range scene in Paravachasca Valley, Anisacate grew as a summer village for the denizens of the City of Córdoba. It lies forty-seven kilometers away from the latter and ten from neighboring Alta Gracia.

The zigzagging Anisacate River goes past the town and its beaches and swim holes are the main attraction during the summer. Its crystal-clear shallow waters and the lush shady vegetation on its banks are perfect for rest and contemplation.

This village invites visitors to walk around it and decipher its origins. Some areas still preserve the irrigation ditches that used to carry water to the Jesuit estancias. Its inhabitants are slow-paced people and those who enjoy some time to spare usually imitate this lifestyle, at least for a few days.

A theme park shelters several sculptures made by the artist Saúl Miller, born in Santa Fe but adopted by Córdoba. The works he creates usually have to do with religion, popular music and women. The water fountain located at the access to town was also produced at his workshop.

A Russian Orthodox Chapel featuring Byzantine lines pays tribute to Saint Nicholas of Bari and is considered a valuable relic.

The long days, the fresh starry nights, the trails, the slopes and the nooks of the river are an invitation to walking, running, cycling and riding. Camping is one of the activities chosen by the youth. Every night, the mild weather is a temptation to forget about resting and enjoy fire pits and guitar playing.

The proximity of the Paravachasca Valley circuits, including Alta Gracia and Los Molinos reservoir, offers all-day outings with activities for all ages and tastes.

Houses, cabins and even rural venues offering the best services year round, and especially in the summer season, are available for tourist rent.

The temperate climate, the fresh air and the charm of native tree species of Anisacate show the forces of its captivating nature.


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