Miramar / Mar Chiquita

Miramar / Mar ChiquitaMiramar / Mar Chiquita

The District of Miramar lies on the shores of Lake Mar Chiquita, to the northwest of the Province of Córdoba. A total distance of 200 kilometers separates it from the capital city and 130 from San Francisco.

Several populations have grown on the coast of this very particular lake, namely: Balnearia, Morteros, Brinkman and La Para. Miramar is the most famous for the beaches and tourist services it boasts. Due to a geological fault during the Precambrian, the waters of Mar Chiquita feature a high content of sodium sulfate and they are almost as saline as the Atlantic Argentinian coast. Only during the rain season do the rivers that end at this huge water body contribute freshwater to it and its salinity decreases.

A modern waterfront has given a more lively and comfortable quality to the urban area. It joins public swim holes featuring coquettish huts, restrooms, open fire pits and several camping sites. Green spaces provide shade and a beautiful sight.

Making ourselves comfortable by the lake means getting lost in the water vastness. The horizon disappears into the clear blue sky of Córdoba creating a spacious, quiet scene with plenty of fresh air.

The presence of wetlands has enabled the existence of species that nestle at this location year round. Birds of various kinds of feathers, sizes and colors cross the sky to come to or leave from this reserve. Maybe the pink flamingos are the most eye-catching.

Miramar developed as a result of the mineral properties of the lake and also the mud of the Dulce River marshlands, one of its tributaries. The so-called Centro Balneológico Termal Mar Chiquita concentrates professionals and cutting-edge technology for the therapeutical treatment of inflammatory conditions and sports traumas. The sulfurous mud and the saline baths alleviate injuries naturally.

During the summer, there is plenty of movement in the water, especially in the beach area. Swimming and kayaking are the most popular sports, so is silverside boat fishing. On solid ground, hiking, biking and ecological tourism (wildlife observation) are the most widely chosen.

In addition to houses for rent and inns, the nightlife revolves around the casino during the high season. Regional food includes pickled otter and freshly caught silverside.

Those who do not visit the Province of Córdoba often will notice that Miramar does not appear in the regular travel guides. Denizens of Córdoba have their own sea inland and they certainly take pride in it.

Map of Miramar / Mar Chiquita