The Uritorco Hill

On the verge of Calabalumba River, 3 kilometers away from downtown Capilla del Monte, thousands of tourists, members of expeditions, metaphysicians and fans from all over the world , get here to climb...

The setting is not something that has changed out of the blue. Since 1986 , some facts have not been rationally explained - lights moving at the top of the hill, UFOs presence, energetic fields, hidden cities or gates to other dimensions. These facts have strictly changed life around the slopes of Uritorco Hill.
Appart from private reasons , the hill offers an excellent track to do a complete cardiovascular exercise with intermmediate difficulty.

The excursion starts at La Toma , a beach located in an autochthonous wood. After crossing a bridge hunging over Calabalunga River, you will get to the private administration of the place where you will have to pay a ticket to enter the area.

The personal data of the expedition members are registered there and you are given some information about the hill. It is suggested to go on the excursion with a tourism guide who must be enabled by the Sub-secretary of Tourism and Sport belonging to Capilla del Monte Counsil. You should take sportshoes with thick soles, a coat, a hiking stick, water and light food.

  • On the verge of Calabalumba River

    On the verge of Calabalumba River

  • Hill which is 1970 meters high

    Hill which is 1970 meters high

  • UFOs presence...

    UFOs presence...

  • Ladders


You will go hiking for 6 kilometers to get to the top .It will take you from 3 to 4 hours at an ordinary pace to complete the hike.

The beginning of the track is on a steep slope, covered by hackberry trees, acacias and breakeaxes. You should find your own rythm and stick to it.
You will start the expedition and, to your left you will have the view of Capilla del Monte and "El Cajon Dam". After climbing for fifteen minutes, you will see the Rock of Uritorco that will be by your side during great part of the excursion.
If you go with a mountain guide from the region, he will probably tell you about some of the stories related to the Hill and this will make the experience even more interesting.

You will learn that Uritorco means " macho hill" in comechingón language and also, that the tribe used to use the hill for ceremonies.

After hiking for an hour , you will find a waterfall and you will have the chance of resting and fill your canteen again.

You will go on , always following the track and you will soon have done half the circuit. You will see a house made of stone and adobe settled in a plain that is ideal to rest or even set up a tent.

Once inside the house, you will meet Bony who is a 23-year-old young man and decided to live here because of the energy of the hill. He keeps the track clean and marks the white signals that show you the way.
If you are not in a hurry, it will be a good idea to stop for a while and have a chat with Bony who will tell you about the different theories involving Mythical Uritorco hill.
You will learn that one of the theories about this "magic" and "energetic" place says that there is an underground city called "Erks". The entrance cannot be crossed by any mortal and the city is connected to another dimension as well as to other places in the world through endless passages.

Bony will also tell you about the presence of lights or UFOs that overflight the top of the hill and the surrounding country. After some intriguing minutes, you will follow the hike to the top of the Uritorco.

You will observe that vegetation changes abruptly , finding a tall pasture with a few tobacco plants. Here, you will start hiking at the back of the hill.

As you go up, it is good to stop and breathe deeply raising your hands with palms up. Thus, you will be doing an exercise of oxygenation that will level your blood pressure.

In the last part , you will find optional tracks to get to the top. You should always take the ones which are signaled in white since those are the easiest ones.

You will soon get to the top of Uritorco Hill and will be fascinated for what you have achieved. You will see the cross, enjoy the view of Capilla del Monte, Cajón Dam, Nº 38 National Route and, if the day is clear, Cruz del Eje Dam.

You will have some water, recover some energy and take some time to be in contact with the mountain. If you can do it, you will not only feel rested but also have the feeling that a certain energy will take hold of your whole self. If this is so, you will know that something inside you will have changed for ever.

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DifficultyDifficulty: Low


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