The Rocsen Museum

5 kilometers away from Nono you will have the chance of visiting special Rocsen Museum which shows 18,000 pieces belonging to all disciplines in a piece of land of 1530 m².The place is open from 9.00 a.m. till sunset all the year round.

The characters were carefully chosen according to the important legacy they had bequeathed to humanity. The guide will explain to you that the complete front of the museum has a deep mystical sense and a strong message of peace.

You will enter the piece of land and your eyes will look in every direction. A good piece of advice in order not to miss any detail is to visit the place from right to left or in the oppsite direction. Thus, you will be able to observe most of the elements.

You will learn that " ROCSEN" means " Saint Rock" as the result of the fusion of two etymologies in Great Britain Celtic Language, being from the North of France and whose speakers keep memories of the place and past of the family with great affection.

You will see the thematic showrooms of the museum. You will enter " Physics and Chemistry" room where you will observe showcases with minerals and fosiles of all kinds.

  • 49 statues

    49 statues

  • The history of old mechanics

    The history of old mechanics

  • Transport


  • "ROCSEN" means " Saint Rock"

  • A deep mystical sense

    A deep mystical sense

The Biology room shows pieces and documents about animals in extintion and the main causes of their disappearance.

Later, you will see man as protagonist when you cross the room of Physical Anthropology - an interesting show of trephined skulls, skulls with genetic pecularities, artifitial deformities, and skulls with paleopathology diagnosis, complete skeletons of natives of the Argentinean land and even a mummy from Nazca, Perú which is 1,200 years old.

In the room called " Man and his environment" you will be witness of man's life in the world through different shows representing differnet rebuildings of typical environments belonging to different periods and places in determined socioeconomic levels.

As you enter the thematic room called " Social Man" , you will find different pieces from all continents being of different materials that show the evolution of different societies.

You will also have the chance of visiting the room that refers to man and technology. There, you will make out the history of old mechanics, radio and telecommunications, music players, photography and cinema, etcetera.

Each object in the museum has undergone a thorough and complex previous examination to be shown. The collection is the result of boughts and does not have a profitmaking aim. It is the product of journeys, investigations, diggings, interchanges with museums and collections from all over the world.

Among the most outstanding pieces, there are crystal glasses blown with the mouth, a Tibetan horse made of baked earth, a carving in walnut of Charlemagne, Persian Carpets, mummies, a reduced head , a calf with two heads, a piece od Berlín Wall, butterflies from all over the world as well as motorcycles, cars and old carriages.

The museum is well known and backed up by many broadcasting companies and is registered in international guides of museums. Its founder is member of the International Counsil of Museums.

As you finish this passionate tour, you will be able to buy crafts made of stone or other works in the Sales Area of Rocsen museum.

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