Córdoba North

Jesús María Estancia (photo: Jorge González)Jesús María Estancia (photo: Jorge González)

The north region of Córdoba comprises one of the largest areas in the province and features unique traits. An endless grid of small hamlets that live beyond tourism but have opened their gates to visitors in the last few years and shown off their attractions lies around Provincial Route 60 and National Route 9.

Jesuit churches, huge natural rock formations and museums that show the ancient Royal Path are part of settlements such as Jesús María, Ongamira, Ascochinga, Villa del Totoral, Las Peñas and Dean Funes, to name a few.

Tours and Activities

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The National Festival and Dressage and Folklore in Jesús María

Cada año, Jesús María vuelve a vestirse de fiesta en el Anfiteatro José Hernández para el Festival Nacional de la Doma y el Folklore

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Caroyense Tradition

We visited La Caroyense Winery and discovered the flavors of this ancient venue. Surrounded by barrels and casks, we learnt about the history of Colonia Caroya.

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