Capilla del Monte

Capilla del Monte Capilla del Monte - Photos: Pablo Etchevers

The city of Capilla del Monte is a beautiful and attractive village that is ideal to stay and visit the numerous corners which are treasures in the the mountains of Punilla at 980 meters above sea level. Uritorco Hill, Los Terrones and Las Cuevas are among the places that the tourist can visit and experience the charm of the imposing multiform rocks and the clear water of the streams and rivers.

When one arrives to the village, the old big rambling houses from the end of the XiX Century outstand with the evident european ornamentations and the unique roofed street in South America offers a big commercial center. The temperature of the region varies considerably according to the season of the year. In Winter, the minimum registered temperature is 3ºC or 4ºC while in Summer the maximum temperature reaches 30ºC during daytime refreshing at night.

Flora and fauna fans will find numerous examples of wild foxes, pumas, red nape woodpeckers and long tailed hummingbirdsin their original environments. One can also admire white and red quebracho woods as well as thick mounts of coconut palms, carob trees, chañars, hackberry trees and piquillines with flashy birds on their tops.

The excursions to go on in this region are quite many being the most chosen those of adventure tourism. Capilla del Monte became well known inside the country and around the world during the last decade due to the misterious halo covering the Uritorco Hill where UFOs apparently land.

Not far away there are attractive cities like La Cumbre, La Falda and Villa Carlos Paz.

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