Colonia Caroya

Colonia Caroya Colonia Caroya

Famous for its salami, Colonia Caroya is a small city located in the center of the Province of Córdoba, just 50 kilometers north of the capital of the province.

The city is crossed by San Martín Avenue, whose almost 10 kilometers lodge hundred-year-old plane trees planted on both sidewalks and contributing a unique visual postcard, in addition to its unmistakable aroma.

The main tourist attractions in the city include its museums, churches and chapels, in addition to the agricultural venues, cheese factories and wineries that have opened their gates to visitors in the last few years and may be visited through different kinds of tours.

Caroya Jesuit Estancia and Casa Copetti Museum reflect the lifestyle of the first settlers, who came along to these lands and made them fertile with their painstaking effort.

Various wineries make up what has come to be called "The Wine Road". This is an ideal tour to enjoy with the family or friends as it enables everyone to see the daily routine of those who make this ancient beverage.

The salami made at the colony deserves a special mention. They have made the city famous not only in Argentina but also in other parts of the world. At present, diverse families devote themselves to making these products and they open their venues to visitors who wish to see the elaboration process and taste each of their treasures.

Cuisine is one of the strong points of Colonia Caroya, which is combined with the different festivities held throughout the year. The Homemade Salami Festival is the great protagonist. However, the Grape Harvest Provincial Festival and the Horticulture and Fruit Farming National Festival, in addition to the Typical Food from Caroya Festival are also famous.

Different groups of neighbors have been in charge of reviving the celebrations that were no longer held in the last few years. Some of them include the pigs’ race, the Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s bonfire, and the Wine Festival (best known as "the grape pressing"). These are ideal dates to pay a visit to Colonia Caroya and see the entire city celebrating.

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