El Durazno

El Durazno El Durazno

El Durazno River is named after this small district in Calamuchita, which shares the same natural beauties as the rest of the valley. It belongs to the municipality of Villa Yacanto and it stands almost forty kilometers away from the City of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, also in the Province of Córdoba.

This settlement began at the foot of the Comechingones Mountain Range with summer houses that gradually became more and more popular after the arrival of electricity. It does not have a downtown area and that is why visitors to this destination resort to Santa Rosa or Villa General Belgrano in search of nightlife entertainment.

Its main attraction is represented by its natural environment, whose unspoilt features invite everyone to enjoy hiking circuits, horseback rides and bike outings in the pine Woods. The fresh air and clear skies become available as soon as we start going up the mountains.

The swim hole in the river is the most important point in the district. Its sandy beaches, its transparent waters, its deep pools and the view from the high rock walls are the most highly appreciated resources in the area.

Small and coquettish inns, cabin resorts and camping sites offer essential services in a village that is alive during the day but falls asleep at night. It snows in the winter and that is why the summer vegetation is healthy and extremely green.

This secluded nook in the mountain range is accessed through a steep road that inspires beholding and silence. Those who enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of cities will find in this place a unique and well-deserved reward.

El Durazno

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