La Bolsa

La Bolsa La Bolsa

La Bolsa is part of Paravachasca Valley and it rests on the shores of the Anisacate River. This summer village has a small steady population which increases its pace in the summertime. The Cities of Alta Gracia and Córdoba lie 12 and 50 kilometers respectively away from this destination ideal for rest and recreation.

The town is not big and everything is easily accesible. The most typical feature of its wild terrain with undulations are its beaches and its swim hole. The fresh crystal-clear waters flow down the mountain range peaks along a sandy, almost white bed. It is generally shallow except for some points where it gives shape to pools perfect for swimming.

One outstanding local trait is determined by its shady trees and the endless green hues that ornament the streets and the nearby circuits.

La Bolsa and Anisacate are adjoining populations with similar urban characteristics. The Russian Orthodox chapel in Anisacate dazzles everyone with its delicate construction, its Byzantine dome and its inner murals made with mozaic.

The mountain range relief may be enjoyed through different levels of hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking. Adventurers challenge slopes and woodlands with lush vegetation. There are appropriate scenes to quench the thirst for mountaineering in the northwestern area, as well as water and fishing activities in Los Molinos reservoir.

When it comes to driving, the mountain circuit of Paravachasca goes across towns and cities hidden amidst valleys and gorges and lined by rivers and creeks. Provincial Route 5 threads a series of natural beauties reaching Alta Gracia to the north and Villa General Belgrano in Calamuchita Valley to the south.

La Bolsa and its surroundings promise a thousand details worth seeing.

La Bolsa

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