Villa Rumipal

Villa Rumipal Villa Rumipal

Calamuchita Valley is extensive and full of cozy vegetation. Villa Rumipal is one of the settlements established with the construction of the Tercero River dam during the first half of the twentieth century. The closest city is Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, lying just 17 kilometers away. Villa General Belgrano is located only 25 kilometers away.

Nestled on the shore of the Tercero River Reservoir and boasting several waterways which contribute to this vast lake, this is a place where nautical activities prevail. Beaches and swim holes follow one another with their particular features. They offer a space to spend the day and sunbathe in front of an endless horizon.

Fair sands, low vegetation and shady spots, as well as spaces promising amusing navigation summon visitors, especially Young ones. El Torreón and Corcovados Beaches are the most popular and offer the most active programs.

Silverside fishing is one of the favorite sports among visitors to Villa Rumipal. Years of depredation by anglers have given way to stricter control. Therefore, there is a calendar, night and shore banning, a regulation and a system of licenses.

The climate is ideal for outdoor life, including events such as the Lake Provincial Festival and its traditional swimming crossing, the Criollo Holy Week, the enduro championships, aeromodelling tournaments with radio equipments. These are all memorable moments for audiences year round.

In the native tongue, "Rumipal" stands for "Stone Star". The Comechingones peoples dwelled in this land and left their imprint. Today, the Regional Anthropology Museum displays traces of that culture.

Villa Rumipal has a camping site, cabins and accommodation venues for all kinds of visitors throughout the year. They just need to pay a visit and they will surely find a destination they will wish to visit a second time.

Villa Rumipal

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