Everyday Life of a Mystical Town

Villa Cura Brochero is a town to arrive and stay. With a quiet environment and microclimate, this town invites visitors to stroll around its streets and enjoy every river resort along the Panaholma River.

Upon our arrival in Villa Cura Brochero, we devoted our time to observing its inhabitants. Some of them were having an unhurried chat, others were driving their vehicles leisurely and we also noticed that time for a nap was sacred. We decided to respect their local customs, which soon became our own. Later on, we wandered around the main square because we wanted to catch the essence of Cura Brochero.

“Would you like to park your car and tour the village on a bicycle?” a resident suggested while we went around the downtown area. “You could stop on every corner of our town. The shady trees and dead calm of this place would be your main hosts.” Great! We had not even thought about this and it was really a good idea.

We visited the Brocheriano Museum, a house for spiritual ceremonies in the nineteenth century and the dwelling of Father Brochero during his last days. We learned about the lifestyle of this town in earlier times and the religious spirit conveyed by the priest adored by all people here.

  • The warm waters of the Panaholma River

    The warm waters of the Panaholma River

  • The village offers tranquility

    The village offers tranquility

  • A street unhurried

    A street unhurried

  • We visited the Brocheriano Museum

    We visited the Brocheriano Museum

A long time has passed since then; however, the religious fervor and quiet lifestyle still remain. Today the residents enjoy their leisure time by walking around the natural scenery and bathing in the warm waters of the Panaholma River.

We left the square behind and headed towards Belgrano Street, which changes into Hipólito Yrigoyen Street farther ahead. We noticed that some of the downtown streets had paved sections and finally turned into tidy primitive streets lined with trees.

Many times we got off our bikes to gaze at the beautiful neighborhoods and areas lying close to streams, where we could find cabins and summer houses well-equipped to welcome tourists.

From the surroundings of the river resort named ”Las Maravillas” up to the main bridge connecting this zone with the City of Mina Clavero, visitors can find the main outdoor attractions. Most of the Panaholma River is very wide, with a sandy bottom and a variety of stones.

Along its shores are the recreation and picnic areas with fire pits and shady trees which may be used during the day time. Qualified campsites add color to the water body and attract a lot of visitors in the summer season.

Every turn of the river shows its special architecture of trees and stones with an array of attractions. Thus, we plunged into each of them to discover their distinctive features ourselves.

Depending on the time of the day, we were in search of the sun and shades on the coasts outlined by trees and, fortunately, we had the chance of enjoying the sunlight, where big stones lay in the middle of the river.

Walking around the Land of the Bright Sun

Along the waterfront, restaurants and bars offer their tables on the streets together with constant music. We visited incredible neighborhoods of houses with brick façades and red tile roofs. Sport activities were also present here and we watched an excellent tennis match on a red clay court.

We decided to stay longer than we had planned, since the village offered us the calmness we were seeking for during our vacations. We were deeply moved by the fresh sunrises, warm dawns, bright sunshine and the hospitality of the local residents.

Even though we could not grasp its lifestyle, we managed to slow down as we enjoyed a clear sky and the smooth breeze of this town in Traslasierra.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio


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