Cruz del Eje

Cruz del Eje Cruz del Eje

Cruz del Eje is one of the most important cities in Córdoba. It lies in the northwest of the province, almost 150 kilometers away from the City of Córdoba, amidst the mountain range and the great depression known as Salinas Grandes.

As a result of its favorable climate, with hardly any rainfalls, this region has come to be known as La Cuenca del Sol (The Sunshine Basin). This is an ideal factor to enjoy its sceneries and the places to practice all kinds of activities, among which fishing, nautical sports, hiking, trekking and air sports such as hang-gliding and paragliding stand out.

Famous for its olives and olive tree plantations, the city is one of the most thriving in the region. Its olive oil production has become one of the most promising industries in the province.

The Olive Tree National Festival has been celebrated at this location for decades. During this event, the city bursts with visitors coming from neighboring populations and the entire country to enjoy the Election of the Queen, art and music shows and an endless list of events and dates.

A beautiful reservoir, also called as Cruz del Eje, is in charge of the irrigation of thousands and thousands of hectares. The dam is 3 kilometers long and the water body occupies over 1,200 hectares. Not only can visitors camp on its shores but they can also relish nautical activities and silverside fishing, one of the most popular among local denizens.

Map Cruz del Eje

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