Villa Dolores

Villa Dolores Villa Dolores

The City of Villa Dolores was founded in 1853. However, its definite settlement on the Los Sauces River bank took place in 1856. Whenever a town was founded, it was usual to pay devotion to the virgin at the moment of choosing a name for the place. Thus, as the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows was inaugurated, the name of Villa Dolores –which stands for "sorrows" in Spanish- was chosen to refer to the city.

Just like the other valleys in Córdoba, Villa Dolores spans amidst the mountain range and large extensions of countryside, ideal for cattle raising and crops, with small waterways that feed the main courses represented by the Mina Clavero and the Panaholma Rivers, which merge into Los Sauces River. Trout fishing is practiced within all these environments, which are also perfect swim holes during the summer.

This river system ends up at the Ingeniero Medina Allende Reservoir, also known as La Viña Dam, the main tourist attraction in the city. Piedra Pintada swim hole, as well as all the other swim holes on Los Sauces River, is the most popular during the summertime, especially among young people.

Mountain bike circuits, as well as cultural, recreational and sports venues and one of the best skate parks in the country lure visitors towards the City of Villa Dolores. They certainly feel at ease not only because of the tourist services and shops available but also because all the activities offered by this place involve harmony and nature.

Museums, theaters, squares and promenades: Villa Dolores has everything to make visitors extend their stay, even the most demanding ones.

Villa Dolores

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