Bell Ville

Bell Ville Bell Ville

Bell Ville is located in the Southeast of the Province of Córdoba, on the banks of the Tercero River and on the road that joins two of the most important cities in the country: Rosario and the City of Córdoba. It lies 200 kilometers from both.

The Tercero River crosses Bell Ville at different points in the city along many kilometers. Its shores give origin to various swim holes that become popular during the summer.

The downtown beaches are inside Tau Park. The best known are Paso de la Arena and El Diquecito, which offer all kinds of services during the high season, including lifeguards who watch for the safety of all visitors.

This beautiful city has plenty of attractions, ranging from public buildings to the Football Monument, an unusual destination that summons thousands of curious people.

The old Immigrants Hotel and the first hospital in the town are two of the most ancient buildings in the district. They are appreciated at first sight by those who take a city tour around Bell Ville.

The Immaculate Conception Church, the House of Culture or "Casa de los Araya", the Municipal Palace, the Coliseo Theater and Cinema and other historical buildings give evidence of the cultural progress and evolution of its denizens, which continues still today.

One rarity: River Plate Library and Athletic Club, founded by enthusiasts of the famous football clubs Boca and River, who chose to name it River and give it the colors of Boca to all their jerseys. A proof that at Bell Ville, together we stand, divided we fall.

Bell Ville

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