Villa Carlos Paz

Villa Carlos Paz - Photos: Eduardo EpifanioVilla Carlos Paz - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio

Connected by a modern highway, Villa Carlos Paz lies minutes away from the City of Córdoba. This beautiful city is the entrance gate to the Punilla Valley and there is no doubt that it represents the most visited tourist destination in the entire Its hotel infrastructure has succeeded in growing in all possible architectural ways: cabins and high-class hotel resorts are within the new trends.

Lake San Roque bathes its shores and is the perfect place to enjoy recreational activities and water sports such as canoeing, swimming, sailing and windsurfing, to name a few.

Carlos Paz is ideal to organize tours and excursions towards the four cardinal points in the Province of Córdoba. To the North, the entire Punilla Valley; to the West, the adventure of touring around Los Gigantes (The Giants); to the Southwest, Traslasierra is accessed through the Altas Cumbres (High Summits) Path; whereas to the South, there appear the large dams and the well-known Calamuchita Valley.

In addition to the delightful sceneries of Villa Carlos Paz, the climate is quite pleasant year round, suitable for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, rappelling and fishing carps and silverside.

Villa Carlos Paz also has a wonderful nightlife. Pubs, discos and countless cabarets have brought back the magic in the last few years. Movie theaters, restaurants and coffee-shops are part of the entertainment options for visitors to enjoy year round. A perfect city to visit with the entire family.

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