Córdoba San Martín Square and Córdoba Cathedral (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)
The historical City of Córdoba emerged from the wish to join Upper Perú and the Río de la Plata through what became known as the Royal Road.

Córdoba is the second most important city in Argentina and the main urban development in the central region of the country. Even though it is nestled in a vast valley, it is surrounded by the heights of various mountain range systems that create a unique microclimate. Its average maximum temperature is 24º C and minimum is 11º C in the winter.

The dazzling City of Córdoba is open to tourism not only through its history but also by means of its impressive sceneries, with plenty of eye-catching sites and various surprises for visitors. Its wide accommodation offer continues to innovate year after year.

The city may be accessed by plane through Pajas Blancas International Airport. Also the local bus station welcomes most visitors coming from all over the country.

Its streets and promenades feature tracks of the ancient colonial architecture mingled with modern buildings. All this is completed with parks and green spaces such as Sarmiento Park, designed in the late XIX century, which manages to supply enough oxygen for this large urban center and its dwellers.
As far as tourism is concerned, the capital of Córdoba and the entire province actually offer hundreds of inexhaustible activities for visitors to feel at ease. Circuits in the city include the pedestrian promenades joining San Martín Square with the ancient Cathedral, the historical Cabildo, Trejo House and several museums, to name a few.

In the outskirts of Córdoba, various adventure travel activities may be enjoyed, namely 4WD tours, silverside and trout fishing in its dams, mountain biking, paragliding or hiking around one of the prettiest regions in Argentina.

When the sun sets, the city presents an active cultural atmosphere and nightlife manifested in the theaters that present a wide range of recreational and artistic performances. The typical music style in Córdoba is called cuarteto (its greatest exponents are famous Mona Giménez and the late Rodrigo) and the way it is danced is another icon in our country. Fernet con cola (a drink made with a bitter aromatic spirit and coke), like the natives from Córdoba usually call it, is the typical welcome whose flavor conveys the true feeling of Córdoba.

Córdoba is a city to be felt and enjoyed fully during the four seasons.

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