Los Reartes

Los Reartes Los Reartes - Photo: Pablo Etchevers

A small town known as Los Reartes lies exactly 9 kilometers away from Villa General Belgrano. Traces of the criollo culture and the European pioneers are breathed in the area.

Its old chapel raised to worship the Immaculate Conception dates back from 1815 and it is one of the most ancient in this valley immersed in the mountain range. It is also one of the main attractions in the city. Los Reartes still preserves historical-cultural vestiges in its streets. Some of them include pulperías, adobe houses and old general stores visited by hundreds of tourists today.

Cabins, apartments and inns are part of the accommodation offer that has become available in the last few years. This was unthinkable in the past, as this place is characterized by old houses and lonely streets from the 1700s.

Los Reartes is an ideal site to practice adventure travel, angling, hiking to Villa General Belgrano or horseback riding up to La Cumbrecita, the first pedestrian village in Argentina.

Famous for its crystal-clear water pools, Los Reartes River is perfect to catch trout using fly-casting. This is the only fishing method allowed and release is compulsory. It lures many anglers from the main cities in the country.

In 2006, Los Reartes was declared Homeland Town as a result of its national roots. The locals feel proud to give accounts of their experience and anecdotes as inhabitants of this place.

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