Emilio Caraffa Fine Arts Provincial Museum

Paintings, photographs and sculptures are the protagonists at its clear well-lit rooms and seem to grow before the eyes of those who love art work exhibitions.
We found the traditional almost hundred-year-old Caraffa Museum right opposite Plaza España (Spain Square), in the City of Córdoba. It boasts a modern and functional architectural design, which encouraged us to enjoy an afternoon devoted to art.

We had visited it before and we noticed the change of this space named after painter Emilio Caraffa. Born in Catamarca, one day he resolved to move to the Province of Córdoba.

We went up the imposing central staircase to see the different galleries that displayed a varied show in five levels. In this occasion, one of the rooms paid tribute to a group of local scholarship holders that traveled to Italy and France in 1939 in order to study painting and sculpture.

Not only were some of their works on display but also a point was made on how novel it was for these artists to do workshops in Europe, where they interacted with art celebrities. In a way, this encouraged communication among institutions and when they returned, the bonds remained.
  • Right opposite Plaza España

    Right opposite Plaza España

  • Its clear well-lit rooms

    Its clear well-lit rooms

  • A glazed roof and airlift

    A glazed roof and airlift

  • Educational workshops

    Educational workshops

  • Stripped rooms

    Stripped rooms

  • Space devoted to culture

    Space devoted to culture

We continued up to the second level, where the rooms have natural light that comes in through skylights. There is no decoration in any of the rooms. The purpose of this is that only the works hanging on the walls should glow. Visitors may stand comfortably in front of the paintings at the distance they need, enjoying perspective and even the presence of public, because there is plenty of space.

A glass screened crossing bridge led us to the second building.

We were surprised at the wide range of themes and the quality of presentation of the various manifestations. An example of this was the tribute paid to Miguel de Molina in one of the rooms. The name ’Art and provocation’ corresponds to a retrospective show of the original costumes of the theater and film presentations of this artist born in Málaga and caused admiration and controversy within the popular Spanish dance and flamenco culture.

The museum offers permanent and temporary shows and presents a splendid collection of Argentinian and foreign artists of all times. Besides, there is an auditorium and a space specially prepared for children, where they can participate in games that will initiate them in the art world.

As we left, we congratulated the staff that assisted us during the enjoyable tour we had gone on. They also told us that not only did the building change give them a greater exhibition surface but also more security and environmental control of the works.

Already inside, we sat down at one of the benches located in front of some of the sculptures that complete the exhibition inside. We had a wonderful impression of this space devoted to culture for all kinds of viewers.
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Useful Data

Opening hours: Tuesdays thru Sundays and public holidays from 10am to 8pm

Bear in mind: The building has been specially conditioned for physically impaired visitors.
An affordable access ticket is charged


Museo Emilio Caraffa
Av. Poeta Lugones 411, (5000) , Córdoba, Córdoba
Tel: +54 351-4343348


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