Argentinian Tango and Steak House: Quincho del Tío Querido

In addition to mouthwatering dishes, customers may enjoy a fantastic tango show. This undoubtedly is a must- visit restaurant.


Canoping Iguazu

<p>The canopy is an exciting and fun activity, full of camaraderie and joy, ideal for immersing yourself in the natural environment of Puerto Iguazú.</p>

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City tour around Puerto Iguazú

The City of Puerto Iguazú is ideal to stay and enjoy beyond its surroundings, immediate destinations for visitors. A city with its own stamp.

Horse Riding

Horseback riding in Iguazu

<p>Horseback riding in Puerto Iguazú is a perfect activity for the whole family and for those who are looking for a unique experience in contact with nature.</p>

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Iguazú Falls

One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, Iguazu Falls is undoubtedly the most visited place in Misiones and one of the most imposing natural attractions in the Earth. The best thing to do in Puerto Iguazú, visit the Falls!

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Iguazu Falls and a journey of legends

Immerse yourself in the Devil´s Gorge path and listen attentively to the thunderous fall of the sparkling waterfalls propose an itinerary full of myths and legends.

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Iguazu Falls by night: Beneath the moonlight

A unique tour to do in the Iguazú Falls: on nights with a full moon, visitors to the Iguazú Falls may take a ride along the footbridge of <i>Garganta del Diablo</i> and observe a dazzling spectacle: a clear rainbow formed by the moonlight.

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Nautical tour Balsa Aventura

Enjoying a nautical trip along the Iguazú river is a different way to get to know the Paraná jungle with a humid subtropical climate that borders the rivers coasts with its lush foliage

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Parque Aventura Monday

The Adventure Park Monday protects one of the wonders of Paraguay. The natural landscape and the Saltos del Monday surprise as one of the most visited destinations.

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Puerto Iguazú themed hotel

The experience in <strong>Guaminí Mission</strong> refers to the surroundings of the Jesuit missions and, in particular, to the ruins of San Ignacio. Its facade is as impressive as the landscape.


The Feirinha of Puerto Iguazú

La Feirinha is a must-see in Puerto Iguazú, a walk to feel the local market and the flavors of La Docta, a meeting point for locals and visitors.

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The Iguazu Falls from Brazil

The Brazilian side of the Iaguazu falls lies across the river. It is the same geographic feature, as nature has no borders, but from the Brazilian side, visitors may appreciate the falls from a different perspective.

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The spell of Iguazu Falls

The bottom walk it is a walk closer to the waterfalls, more direct in terms of sensations, by walkways that enchant with a gentle balsamic dew.

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The wonders of Iguazu Falls

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24 hours at the Falls

Is one day enough to enjoy so much beauty? The rational answer is definitely not. However, we will do our best to show you all the Falls and their unbelievable surroundings.

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7 must-see sights in Puerto Iguazú

The Falls City is an ideal place to stay in and delight in its marvels. Here are 7 great tips to get to know it.

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Culturas Park, Worship of Nature and Life

Puerto Iguazú is experiencing an interesting growth and that is evidenced by the number of new tourist attractions available in the city that invite visitors to make contact with the prodigious local natural environment. Such is the case of Culturas Park.


Fishing the Paraná

A 6-hour fishing outing in the Paraná River guarantees an encounter with the hardest fighting and most amusing fish. <i>Dorado</i>, <i>surubí</i> and the best species of Misiones await.

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Iguazú National Park

What qualifying adjective can one choose to describe Iguazú Falls? Unique, inexplicable, mighty, imposing, majestic, fresh, marvelous or giant...

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Images of the Rainforest Museum

The sculptures made by a Paraguayan artist living in Iguazú makes us get in touch with human and animal figures that have dwelled or still dwell in the rainforest of Misiones.

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Jasy Porá, Open Mbya Village

The life of the <i>Guaraní</i> native community revolves around the forest of Misiones. This is an invitation to learn about their culture and traditions.

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The Bottle House

A rarity of rarities but a totally logical phenomenon these days. Who has not thought about having a house made of bottles of their favorite drink? Someone did.

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The Triple Frontier Landmark

The Three Borders Promenade is a call to contemplate a landscape that brings together the boundaries of three countries and the mystique of the confluence of two incredible rivers.

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A Fantastic Cruise in Iguazú

When it comes to giving more <i>glamour</i> to the Waterfalls, the crew of Cruceros Iguazú succeeds immediately. This is a must among all the outings available in the city.

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Tour by car Puerto Iguazu

Discovering Puerto Iguazu from the comfort of a car is an enriching experience. Your times and walks are solved smoothly.

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A Moconá, the other falls

The missionary routes near other beautiful environments such as the bed of a river whose waterfalls cause stupor by his descent longitudinally.

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Bernardo de Irigoyen: Walk across the Border into Brazil

Bernardo de Irigoyen is a small district in Misiones lying on the Brazilian border. It is an ideal spot to understand and experience the encounter of two cultures and the birth of <i>portuñol</i>.

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Visit to Paso de los Libres

Lying on the banks of the Uruguay River and boasting the Carnival spirit of Corrientes, Paso de los Libres is a beautiful city to tour around. Whether on the way to or back from the Iguazú Falls, it is totally worth a day trip.

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Bird watching in Surucuá

Life in the rainforest treasures unique species. Surucuá Reserva & Ecolodge is the ideal site to experience birdwatching. We just need to see and take the photograph.

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Iguazú in Concert

Hundreds of children and teenagers coming from all Argentina, bordering countries and the confines of the world gather at a perfect location to make their music vibrate.

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Monumento Natural Yaguareté

El <i>Leo Onca</i> es el mayor felino de América y el tercero del mundo. Bautizado por los guaraníes con el nombre de yaguareté, que significa "la verdadera fiera"...

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History of Iguazu

It is one of the most incredible destinations on the planet and its natural wealth is the focus of domestic and foreign tourism. What do we know about this overwhelming place?

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The Iguazú Biocenter

In Puerto Iguazú, an invitation opens the doors to know the Biocentro Iguazú, a space that houses a sample of native and exotic biodiversity.

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Güirá Oga, the Birds’ House

It is impossible to avoid visiting this place while staying at Puerto Iguazú. The birds’ house is one of the best options created by man to get close to nature.

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La Aripuca: a Trap for Destiny

We visited La Aripuca theme park and we learned about taking care of the environment and the richness of the Misiones rainforest.


Horacio Quiroga's House

The author of the famous book <i>Jungle Tales</i> lived in Misiones, amidst his madness, his passion for literature and, of course, his love for the magic of this nook in Misiones. Here is his house.

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The great adventure of Iguazú Jungle

Overflowing, humid and inexplicable, Iguazú Falls invite us to go on an adventure tourism expedition which will fascinate us with the enigmatic flora and fauna of the National Park.

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Over the Iguazú Falls on a Helicopter

On the Brazilian side, it is possible to have a unique experience by flying over the famous Iguazú Waterfalls at a prudent distance.

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San Ignacio ruins - Jesuit Missions

A tour around the beginnings of American history. We visited the San Ignacio Miní Jesuit mission and we learned about its days of glory and subsequent disappearance.

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Wanda Mines

We visited the Wanda gemstones site and learned about their formation. We were delighted to see amethysts, agates, topazes and quartz crystals.

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Ecologic Tour in Iguazú

An expedition that allows to get in contact with nature in a surprising frame of silence which is only interrupted by the squawk of birds.

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Itaipú Hydroelectric Factory

Man's hands seem not to have limits when it is time of channeling the energy of nature for his own benefit. Itaipú Factory, located in the border of Brazil and Paraguay is true evidence of that.

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Safari in the forest

A tour that opens up the secrets of the forest of Misiones in an off-road vehicle. We go along luxuriant Iguazú National Park participating in an enriching experience that astonishes us.


Gastronomic Tour around Puerto Iguazú

In the last few years, the City of Puerto Iguazú has built up top gastronomic options which have succeeded in combining the flavors of regional cuisine with signature cuisine. Delicious dishes made in Iguazú.

Tourism in Misiones

Misiones Province continues to conquer thousands of travelers who come along every year to enjoy its natural tourist attractions, and its many cultural and historical destinations...

Hotels and accommodations in Puerto Iguazú

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