Fishing the Paraná

A 6-hour fishing outing in the Paraná River guarantees an encounter with the hardest fighting and most amusing fish. Dorado, surubí and the best species of Misiones await.

The junction of the Paraná River (which stands for “large sea or father of all waters” in the Guaraní tongue) and the Iguazú River gives origin to a series of ideal fishing spots where angling can be enjoyed in the Province of Misiones.

A great deal of sediment from creeks, rivulets and rivers, which not only deposit their mud but also contribute their forage fish, such as breams, needle jaws and catfish -the main diet of large predators, including the dorado- ends up on the margins of these rivers, both on the Paraguayan and the Argentinian sides.

Searching for the dorado

The dorado is the most beautiful fish dwelling in the waters of the Paraná River. Known as “river tiger”, its braveness and hunting voracity have made it the best fish to catch. There is no hardest fighting species in angling. Owner of impressive teeth, once it bites, it starts to display incredible acrobatic moves that increase the excitement of fishing. Fighting with this fish usually takes long minutes of tension and adrenaline and that is the proposal of these outings that last approximately 6 hours in which amusement and adventure on the river are guaranteed.

  • Custom Fishing Tours

    Custom Fishing Tours

  • Golden is the most beautiful fish

    Golden is the most beautiful fish

  • The surubí

    The surubí

  • The river is a unique place

    The river is a unique place

Heading toward the surubí

The surubí and other similar species also represent interesting trophies in this area of the Paraná River. This coveted fish lives in tributaries and deep creeks dwelled by old trees and needle grass. These are predominant in fishing spots lying near the City of Puerto Iguazú, which invite visitors to enjoy a remarkable day full of thrill.

These customized fishing outings start at the pier, where operators and tourists start to design a path that includes fishing as well as visiting some marvelous locations in Misiones only accessed through the river.

The river is a unique site to discover the bountiful rainforest of Misiones, which treasures incredible fish and memorable catches. Therefore, spending vacations at Puerto Iguazú is an excellent reason to go fishing. An extraordinary experience indeed.

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