The Triple Frontier Landmark

There is a place where three countries -Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil-, see one another everyday. A milestone stands there reminding us that we are all brothers, regardless of our nationality.
The Paranß River joins the reddish Iguaz˙ River and gives shape to an encounter where three different banks with similar geographical features meet. A country has emerged on each of these banks with people who were born to one side or the other, under a flag, learning their own a language and customs.

Where is that? This natural and social phenomenon, popularly known as "the triple frontier", happens at the Cities of Puerto Iguaz˙ (Argentina), Foz do Iguašu (Brasil) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay).

On the Argentinian side, at Puerto Iguaz˙, tribute has been paid to this emblematic site through the construction of a monument where tourists have their pictures taken everyday with the three countries in the background.

Located at the exact point where the Paranß and Iguaz˙ Rivers join (downstream from the famous Waterfalls), this outstanding landmark features a view of Argentina, Brasil and Paraguay.
  • We are all brothers

    We are all brothers

  • A milestone stands

    A milestone stands

  • Paranß River and Iguaz˙ River

    Paranß River and Iguaz˙ River

  • Emblematic site

    Emblematic site

Volunteers hoist and lower the three national flags on a daily basis as a sign of respect for each of the countries accessible across a river. This is one way pf realizing that in spite of considering ourselves different because of a whim of nature, we continue to be brothers.

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