The Triple Frontier Landmark

The confluence of the waters of the Iguazu and Paraná rivers has its largest landscape scenario in the Tres Fronteras Landmark. Both rivers mark the boundaries between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and the watercourses embrace the cultures of the twinned cities, Ciudad del Este, Foz do Iguazu and Puerto Iguazu. The triangle demarcated by the milestone represents the link between the three countries in a context of fraternity and respect.

Where borders meet
On each side of the borders, a monolith painted with the colors of the flag points to the sovereignty of each nation, framed by the characteristic landscapes of low mountain ranges, red earth and warm climates.

The missionary city is linked to the Iguazu Falls and protected natural areas. From the viewpoint of the Paseo Hito Tres Fronteras you can appreciate the vastness of the landscape, the coasts of Brazil and Paraguay, even to see in the distance the monoliths of neighboring countries with their flags flying.
On the surrounding promenade, every afternoon a dancing water show attracts attention for the beauty of the composition. A mapping projection forms moving images depicting dances typical of the three countries, accompanied by lights and sounds. The activity is presented throughout the year and the schedules are modified according to the season. Each presentation lasts about 20 minutes and combines the notes of contemporary art.

  • We are all brothers

    We are all brothers

  • A milestone stands

    A milestone stands

  • Paraná River and Iguazú River

    Paraná River and Iguazú River

  • Emblematic site

    Emblematic site

As at every meeting point, there are trade fairs of artisans and regional products, benches to enjoy rest and rich mattes, hammocks and slides for children. From Puerto Iguazú start different excursions that navigate the magic of rivers in an unparalleled setting.

Another attraction is the gastronomy of the city, a mixture of cultural and culinary flavors, a delight that does not disappoint.
The itinerary can start in the nerve square of Puerto Iguazú, Plaza San Martín, and continue walking along the coastal avenue that borders the Iguazu River from the port area to the Hito Tres Fronteras. Ideally, do it early morning or evening. It is an ideal walk to do with children, especially in summer when they can soak up and have amazing fun with the water jets. They are enchanted and laughter invades everyone.

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