Bird watching in Surucuá

Life in the rainforest treasures unique species. Surucuá Reserva & Ecolodge is the ideal site to experience birdwatching. We just need to see and take the photograph.

Just two hours away from the Iguazú Waterfalls, this place has been specifically designed to have memorable experiences in full contact with nature, with activities based on the discovery of life in the rainforest.

Surucuá Reserva & Ecolodge is a refuge immersed in the rainforest and surrounded by protected areas, where accommodation, cuisine, ecological tourism and adventure travel options are available. This is all organized by its owners.

Visitors may go along these trails in the company of guides in order to interpret the mysteries and get to know the main features of the Paraná rainforest, watching the trees and bushes that make up the different layers and listening to the various sounds made by the birds and insects.

  • Unique species

    Unique species

  • Dazzling flowers

    Dazzling flowers

  • We just need to see and take the photograph

    We just need to see and take the photograph

  • Kayaking along the Iguazú River

    Kayaking along the Iguazú River

  • The lush rainforest of Misiones

    The lush rainforest of Misiones

  • Incredible butterflies

    Incredible butterflies

  • A luxury

    A luxury

As well, visitors have the chance to be dazzled by the beautiful and colorful orchids and butterflies, and watch the tracks left by the animals dwelling in the area. They may crown their tour with an exceptional view of the Iguazú River.

A night walk provides the opportunity to feel the transformation of the rainforest as the night falls. The senses become more accurate to distinguish the sounds of the night fauna and the shapes get confused in the darkness.

Kayaking along the Iguazú River guarantees an adventurous ingredient as the soft rapids are crossed without neglecting any safety measure. This is an amusing way for grown-ups and children to get mingled with this waterway and obtain a different perspective from the water.

Islets inhabited by herons, other birds and flora typical of water environments may be appreciated across the river. With a little luck, some animals like otters, alligators and capybara may also be spotted. All this is framed by a rainforest scene.

Besides, a wide system of trails invites visitors to enjoy bird watching, photography, wildlife mapping and to observe orchids, butterflies and insects at Surucuá Reserva & Ecolodge.

The reserve lies across Iguazú National Park following Route 101, 25 kilometers away from the District of Andresito. Laura and Adrián will welcome guests who wish to learn and relish the lush rainforest of Misiones and see their dreams come true.

A luxury for those who dare.

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