Iguazu Falls and a journey of legends

Immerse yourself in the Devil´s Gorge path and listen attentively to the thunderous fall of the sparkling waterfalls propose an itinerary full of myths and legends.

The first European to record the existence of the falls was the Spanish conqueror Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca in 1542, on his journey to Asunción del Paraguay. He christened them "st. Mary´s Jumps". A jump is named after him, the Alvar Nunez jump.

Devil´s Throat

The Devil´s Throat is born on the same border line of Brazil and Argentina. An imposing landscape of waterfalls makes the magical environment. Its U-shape allows it to have a perfect image of its great vitality and its 80 m of fall. The majesty of the walk leaves the most prudent and stealthy with its emotions perplexed.

Legend has it that Añá had been spreading his evils around the world and reached a meek and fresh waters that gave him shelter and shelter as he refreshed his body engulfed in flames. But his genius could more and he couldn´t reach him with the hospitality of the river. He opened his mouth to drink all the water and the river rushed down that violent throat. Seismic rumbles rose from the bowels of the Earth to empower the force of the river over fire. The devil was forever buried by the rocks that fell to the cliff. A trembling hoarse, foam and fog rose from the Devil´s Throat and the river returned to its channel.

Exploring the Iguazu Falls is a trip to the unstyled and wild jungle, where Guarani legends abound for the pleasure of wonder and momentary suspension of our disbelief.

  • Aerial view of Devil´s Throat

    Aerial view of Devil´s Throat

  • Train to get to the Devil´s Throat walkway

    Train to get to the Devil´s Throat walkway

  • Final stretch of the catwalk

    Final stretch of the catwalk

  • Devil´s Throat

    Devil´s Throat

  • Devil´s Throat Viewpoint

    Devil´s Throat Viewpoint

  • Devil´s Throat Viewpoint

    Devil´s Throat Viewpoint

  • Devil´s Throat Viewpoint

    Devil´s Throat Viewpoint

The Ecological Train of the Jungle is the means of transport to reach the Devil´s Gorge station, the last stop. From there a 1100 m steel walkway reaches the viewpoint of comfortable balconies. The ride can last 2 hours. Another option is a boat trip to the very heart of the gorge.

A sighting of wildlife in the immense biodiversity of Garganta del Diablo puts the waterfall as the protagonist of the landscape, which nests behind the waterfalls, in the gorge itself. Its short legs help it stick to wet stone walls.
If it´s a full moon season, a unique experience invites you to enjoy the nightly beauty of the park. All its shadows, movements, sounds and aromas put the sensations to flower skin and the final destination is the balcony of devil´s Throat. It is an interpretive walk, with experienced guide, in the light of the moon and the stars. Full moon walks are upon prior reservation.

Each event in the Iguazu Falls has its full uniqueness. To reach the natural park, from the city of Puerto Iguazu departs public transport every 20 minutes. There are different categories of entry, general rate, residents, children, Mercosur residents, retirees. With the value of the entrance you can walk the entire park freely.

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