Iguazu Falls by night: Beneath the moonlight

A unique tour to do in the Iguazú Falls: on nights with a full moon, visitors to the Iguazú Falls may take a ride along the footbridge of Garganta del Diablo and observe a dazzling spectacle: a clear rainbow formed by the moonlight.

Magic really starts when visitors get to the Iguazú National Park. After being welcomed by the National Parks Administration, they are led to the Devi´ls Throat on the ecologic train.

During the journey, which lasts 20 minutes, the forest indulges them with its sounds and mysteries. Once the darkness of night covers the sky, many animals start looking for their food.

This special offer is a good proposal to obtain a new perspective of this Natural World Heritage.

There is a limited time to get to and exit from the 1,000-meter-long footbridge. However, it is enough to get enchanted by the unprecedented scene.

  • Observe a dazzling and unique spectacle

    Observe a dazzling and unique spectacle

  • The refreshing mist of the Iguazu Falls

    The refreshing mist of the Iguazu Falls

  • The darkness of night covers the sky

    The darkness of night covers the sky

  • The full moon

    The full moon

  • An unforgettable experience

    An unforgettable experience

  • Inspire the most daring poets

    Inspire the most daring poets

Standing in front of the Falls with the full moon added to the view is an unforgettable experience. The created atmosphere is extremely romantic. Many couples, hand in hand, seem to wish to merge into a unique self as they stand before this natural wonder.

Some other people stand alone, in silence; just beholding what is given to the senses, wondering, perhaps, what feelings may have arisen in Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca- discoverer of the Iguazú Falls- when he found himself in front of this majestic profusion, in a night like that.

After a while, visitors leave the balcony to go to the bar of the station to have a natural juice or a caipirinha.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

Contact of the excursion or tour

Sol Iguazú Turismo

Av. Victoria Aguirre 237 (3370) Puerto Iguazú, Misiones

Tel: +54 3757-421008

Bear in mindBear in mind: In order to go on this tour, you must be aware of the Moon´s phases and make reservations in advance in tourism agencies.

Hotels generally tell the tourist when the Moon is in this phase which can inspire the most daring poets.

Passengers must be at the station 45 minutes beforehand.

You are advised to take a raincoat, a torch and insects repeler.


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