Iguaz˙ in Concert

Location Location : Sheraton Iguaz˙, Parque Nacional Iguaz˙ Date From : 05/23/2018 Thru : 05/27/2018

Four emblematic points such as the Hotel Sheraton, the Conventions Center, the Aripuca and Ramˇn Ayala Amphitheater at Tres Fronteras are the hosts of this celebration of art, friendship and the encounter of culture.
In May, hundreds of youngsters gather during five days to take part in the event known as Iguaz˙ in Concert, a festival for musicians and for those who wish to listen to them and watch them play. Puerto Iguaz˙ is a city on the Argentinian area known as ôthe Littoralö that welcomes this young people into the Misiones lush rainforest.

It is a surprising fact to learn that children and teenagers ľwhose ages range between 9 and 18 years old- are in charge of infecting the audience with their music and their affection for instruments. Some of them had their first performance within the past year and others have more experience and have played at large theaters in the world. They all succeed in the same purpose: to enjoy what they have learned, to increase their knowledge in master classes and to make new friends.

The program is long and covers different kinds of classical music and the various traditional manifestations of the countries of origins of the participants. As soon as the music starts to play, religions and races become mingled in melodies emerging from violins, flutes, marimbas, trumpets or harps. Ready to offer their talent, they have all auditioned I advance and kept their position in Iguaz˙ as a result of popular votes.
  • Behind, the Iguazu Falls

    Behind, the Iguazu Falls

  • Clinging to his musical instruments

    Clinging to his musical instruments

  • A mega-music festival

    A mega-music festival

  • Hundreds of children and young people around the world

    Hundreds of children and young people around the world

In turn, children are invited to see the imposing beauty of the waterfalls and the red soil paths that get deep into the thick rainforest. This way, they can get to know the plant and animal species typical of this area. One particular feature is the wide array of birds found at each nook in the park.

A group of teachers and sponsors (well-known Argentinian musicians) accompany the young enthusiasts for the musical art ensuring that this activity will change their lives.

The climax takes place at the gardens of the hotel Sheraton, where all the participating kids and youngsters join in a great farewell concert. This is a moving event that makes everyone long for the following issue.

The Iguaz˙ Waterfalls and the national park bearing the same name are the ideal hosts of this already consecrated festival. They provide both outdoor amphitheaters and indoor halls.

Mˇnica Pons / Gentileza Iguaz˙ en Concierto

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Bear in mind: Organizer: Government of the Province of Misiones.

Access: free of charge



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