The great adventure of Iguaz˙ Jungle

Overflowing, humid and inexplicable, Iguaz˙ Falls invite us to go on an adventure tourism expedition which will fascinate us with the enigmatic flora and fauna of the National Park.
A shining sun and the desire of connecting with the luxurious jungle of Misiones and with enchanting Iguaz˙ National Park took us back to the very heart of the Park, this time to enjoy the activities of adventure tourism offered by Iguaz˙ Jungle. These activities are intended for people to make them feel protagonists in one of the most imposing places of the planet.

Since this was our last day in this land, we decided to risk everything and go on a program called ôThe Great Adventureö, the perfect and necessary combination for Iguaz˙ Falls to penetrate ourselves up to our pores.

4 x 4 across the forest

We first got into an off-road vehicle and rode eight kilometers along Yacaratiß Path, in the middle of subtropical forest of Paranß, admiring the flora and fauna of the area. Our guide is in charge of giving us a detailed account of the Park. After the explanation, everything depends on the imagination of the visitors.
  • Unforgettable


  • 4 x 4 across the forest

    4 x 4 across the forest

  • There we boarded

    There we boarded

  • Time to take pictures

    Time to take pictures

  • A luxurious shower

    A luxurious shower

Palm trees, palo santo, araucarias , ficus and hundreds of bromelias , orchids and miltoneas that wait to flourish seem to welcome us as they invite us to become part of the landscape.

As we pass along the perennial path, we scare hundreds of butterflies that give us brilliant colors as they fly. The favorite one is number "88"- a specie that exhibits a curious natural number as it spreds its wings.

The rain on the previous day bathed the road with red mud and, thus, the first installment of adrenalin said "present" when the expert truck driver used the 4-wheel drive as the vehicle made its way on the circuit.

Beatriz┤s talkative explanation added to our eyes trying to capture the foliage as cameras do , made the kilometers that separated us from Puerto Macuco seem shorter.

Unforgettable Navigation

Once there, we got into a rubber boat -having previously put life vests on- and we quickly departed to get to know the core of inferior Iguaz˙ River.

The navigation covers five kilometers but the best is kept for the end of the trip, when the boat rocks in the rapids of the river for the last two kilometers. Then comes the longest-awaited moment. We put away our cameras inside the plastic bags we had been given by the agency and made ourselves comfortable in front of the magnificent waterfall, which looked even more spectacular from that perspective.

A luxurious shower

We started the countdown and got the closest we could to the falls of the place. "Being Baptized" in Iguaz˙ fresh and foamy waters is a hallucinating experience.

Listening to the "roar" of the inexplicable waterfalls falling a few meters away from where we are, getting completely wet and crossing the rainbows spread at the mouths of the falls- everything is a unique feeling which must be experienced in order to understand.

After the luxurious "shower" - as it was called by the rest of the persons in the excursion to the dip- we tried to reach terra firma to lay in the sun and get dry.

We fortunately found a great place in the beach of San MartÝn Isle where we decided to stay for a while to calm down the frenzy and adrenalin that still remained in the atmosphere.

We recovered our energy and went along the paths to Cataratas Station. There, we took the ecologic little train which took us to the beginning of the footbridges of Garganta del Diablo (Devil┤s throat), from where a floating departed to connect us with the intimacy of nature in Superior Iguaz˙ River... (See Ecologic Tour)
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Useful Data

Duration: 1 hour

Opening hours: From the offices of Iguaz˙ Jungle Explorer, every hour. Offices are located in Cataratas Station. Bilingual Guides.


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